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calling all warriors...

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My friend Carol, whom many of you were kind enough to send encouraging messages to a few weeks back, has had her liver resection on 10/24. She is home now. Experiencing pain of course (as well as the loss of her Jersey Shore home - the bottom level anyway..but she is fortunate to have a second home North that just lost power, so she is staying there to recoup)...can anyone give me some advice on any info to control the pain and more importantly, what to be aware of as far as complications. Her vitals were a bit off this week (don't know 'where' yet) but seem to be ok now. Please give me any 'tips' as to what to be prepared for so I can stay ahead of any possible complications if possible.

She has been up and taking walks (her normal routine is a few miles a day)...she walked quite a bit yesterday, so think her pain yesterday came from that, but it's the vitals that concern me. She came home one week after operation.

Many thanks -

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While others may be able to give you first had experience with liver resection, I beleive that her surgeon is the one who can give best information regarding things to watch for in the way of vitals and complications.

Walking is good, but as with anything right after a surgery, moderation is the key. Taking it slow in the beginning will save potential other issues later.

So sorry to hear that she was in the "war zone" of Sandy. She is fortunate to have a second home to go to and to have a friend like you to watch out for her.

Hope her recovery goes well with no complications.

Marie who loves kitties

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It took me over 3 weeks to be a bit comfortable after the resection and over 6 weeks to be able to handle air travel etc with some discomfort.

U need to take it easy and not overdo it.

Liver resection is a huge surgery and recovery take time and till then it is advisable to take it easy.

Eat smaller meals more frequently rather than larger meals.

You may feel very exhausted after walking a bit and at that time rest rather than push yourself.

If there is pain support the right side with a soft pillow if u sleep on that side.

I was in hospital for 15 days after the resection, was not able to tolerate food and ate very less.

Lost about 12 lbs.

If you need any other help or suggestion pl let me know.

I can guide you to the extent of my own experience.

Also, ensure that there is no infection at the incision site.

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