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CATT protocol another diet ? is this the one for me ?

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play nice,
bring it on,
remember all we got is each other.

the science in the diet backs up my other research on amino acids and sugar.
and yes its a tough diet by any definition! i will try it soon!


ps if you want more detail google ketogenic diet, if you want lots more info read cancer as a metabolic illness by thomas seyfried, or this link is ok

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I looked over the info on this diet and it doesn't have anything which jumps out at me as too strange. I did have a chuckle that they want you to eat grits...a staple in the South here and nearly unheard of elsewhere, at least in resturants.

I didn't see anywhere where they even hint at the cost of the "controlled amino acid formula".

Have your doctors there in Germany approved this diet for you in conjuntion with your other treatments?

How much longer will you be in Germany? When will you be having tests to determine the current status of your mets?

Hope you are managing the cold and snow there. Stay bundled up!


Marie who loves kitties

P.S. you are on Christmas Card list since you were on it last year. Should cards go to your home in Australia or elsewhere?

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Its just my research on ketogenic diets sort of lead me to this newest diet. A great friend Dane emailed me the link.

I have been on a propriety amino acid mix formula TALLBERG powders ( not while at hallwang clinic ) I could not imagine the amino acid in the diet being to expensive. Some of the caveats in the diet with regard to certain aminos that they claim are pro angiogenic and pro tumour inflitration. Its interesting because my integrative doctor back home recommended gylcine to boost liver detox but its also not recommended by the new diet.

No doctors have not approved the new diet here, but i will discuss it soon. I am on a simple really tasty and healthy diet here at present while on these very heavy therapies.

I will be in germany until I am cured! it might take a while. I have about 10 strategies ie other clinics, other therapies etc etc etc. My 3 days at the baden baden conference was mentally exhausting. Its a small boast but I may be the most knowledgable stage4 colorectal cancer patient on the planet with regard to the last german alternative therapies. I pretended to be a doctor again and slipped effortlessly into the lecture hall, I found a young beautiful german doctor who translated the lectures, we then went out to dinner and its great to have a german friend. I was really blessed, the german lectures made alot of sense as I know alot of the material and the pictures and animations were first class. I the sunday at the confernece I met my newest doctor who is already organising my dendretric cell vaccine a special new castle virus disease ( YES TONY MWNN is 100% correct, sorry winter ) with a special peptide for colorectal cancer just for me. The peptide formula was given to the german lab from a sydney researcher named Tim. Can you see the irony, i fly half way around the world and a little innovative peptide that stops the tumour suppressor gene for colorectal. I am blessed marie, I am trying all the most amazing therapies I could have ever dreamed of, and of course most of my supplements are about to come back online.

My new oncologist dr copic and I have talked about a super pet scan in about a month, I am due for more chemo embolisation in a week subject to how well I recover from the 3rd dose of removab injection, getting it right now. I will be off the air for a while getting over the side effects. I am a little nervous as the last removab almost killed me. so as always If this is the last post, I love all you guys. And for what its worth in my humble opinion germany is the place to go to for daring treatments that offer hope.

The other night I was having drinks with Dr Rau the founder of the clinic where steve jobs went, he shook my hand and said he would look after me, if I came to switzerland. I am reading his book BIOLOGICAL MEdicine "the future of natural healing" thomas rau M.D.
its a very good read.

Meanwhile what the mets are doing, is dieing and shinking. My immune system is working, I don't need proof these therapies are working, I feel it, I have more energy and am healthier than I have ever felt.

The cards can go to my home in australia, as I am moving around germany and I don't know where I will be in a week.

just a bit of an update. You are so kind, thanks.


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Very interesting Pete, hope these treatments are working wonderfully for you.

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