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Hi everybody just wanted to check in i have been doing good back to work since September running my landscaping company and i am very happy to be at work,working out and enjoying time with my family lawn maintenance is starting to slow down so i'll have more time at home woo hoo so far the scans have come back good ct went well and i just got the results for the pet scan the primary tumor on the tonsil was completely gone but my second lymph node has a spot on it the size of a grain of rice it has been there since the last scan but before it was 8cm now its .03 cm so they are pretty sure its scar tissue but would like to do a needle biopsy to confirm should i do it??? Thank You for all the help.Matt

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Glad to hear all is well, and you are doing good....

The FNA is a decision between you and you MD's. The way I see it, it's getting smaller, no signs of growth, more than likely residual...


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Good to hear from you and great news1!!

Well, my opinion, of course do it.....aggressive treatment and follow up / follow thru is the way I like things anyway.

I agree with John (Skiffin) prob just scar tissue...but an FNA can't hurt.



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so lets say you have the fna. If its positive, then you know what you need to do. If it is negative, then what? Mighty small target, 3mm. Glad to hear u r doing well.


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So glad you checked in...I tend to think and wonder about my bus mates when they've been quiet for a while. Wonderful about your PET scan, no tumor...PERFECT!!

As for the needle biopsy...I think I'd ask what the chances are for it to come back inconclusive (which many needle biopsies do)...I'd want a real answer if I said yes. Something to talk over with your Doc, for sure.


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It is sooo good to hear things are moving forward for you ! Stay positive and enjoy that time with the family when work slows down. Keep us posted, wonderful to hear from you ! Katie

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Great to hear that you're back to normal life, Matt! :)

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Hi Matt,

Nice to hear you are doing well, getting back to normal is half the battle.

You know, I think I am still waiting for the results of my FNB (it has been almost a year). Pretty small target and getting smaller. Do what ever you feel most comfortable with.

I was raking leaves today and it felt great.



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I would ask what treatment would be recommended if the biopsy were positive. In my case, the answer was no treatment would be recommended whether or not the biopsy (of the lung) were positive. So without any treatment pending, I passed on the biopsy.

You, of course, must weigh your options. But I think knowing what treatments might follow a positive biopsy would be needed input. Rick.

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