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MUST see surgeon-due to biopsy report

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We had a good time on last two bus trips with my appts but I got a call Friday Night said pathology NOT bad but they think they missed something so I must see a surgeon in next few days.

My Dr said I could get re biopsied or have the "THING they missed" removed...I will get local surgeon (same building as my oncologist-across the street from imagining center)

KEEP fingers, eyes, toes all crossed please...


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then they would biopsy it after removal? That is absolutely the strangest communication I have heard thus far. What did you decide? Or are you going to go ahead with the surgery?

Oh Denise this is a tough one. To have a good report of NOT bad then a funky "thing" report is really stinky!

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I was confused..I pulled over to talk so not to lose connection! Dr said pathology good...so I was yippee-then she said "WHO is your surgeon"? I said I dont' have one. (mine left the area aweek after he did my surgery) OK I will contact one in our building to contact you...

She did say report looked good but when she spoke to radiologist he thinks he missed something. I read the report and it said he took 3 misc samples. I know I have scar tissue and dense tissue. They COULD NOT "SEE" the clip they inserted even after after about 10 (really 10-12) mammos right after biopsy!


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Always have a copy of the report, test, biopsy, pathology and doctor's note which included the surgeon too.

Then you are able to make heads or tales with it all by seeing it in black and white. You will be able to ask the pertinent questions when you see the surgeon.

Wishing you the best,


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my daughter works at imaging center so she got me copies of all from her office...but I have to get pathology from onoclogist report only goes to that office..


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Best wishes on your decision and the procdures you are having ... keep us posted .... You are in our prayers... Sue D

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I got an appt with PA next wednesday afternoon. Since I do not have any Cancer mentioned I have to wait. (understandable of course) which to me is a good thing...

So i'll meeet with PA then she will talk to the DR (never met him or any in the practice)

My oncologist sent all my records to the new dr prior to making the appt...

time will tell


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Dear Denise - I'm sorry about the back-and-forth with your Drs. I am happy that pathology wasn't bad. That's a good start. I suggest, if they give the choice to remove all the area they have in question, to just do that so you have peace of mind. Or at least this is what I would do. This way they don't miss a thing!

I will be coming with you on this bus too. And this time I'm bringing oatmeal cookies and hot cocoa.

Please keep us posted.

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