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IRB Granny
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Joined: Nov 2012

Just was told Thursday I had breast cancer I also have COPD. I go tomorrow for my MRI then following Monday I see surgeon.
A little nervous.

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just take some deep breaths, no matter what you find out, there are wonderful, supportive and down right intelligent ladies and men on this site that are wanting and willing to help you along the way, its only been 8 wks for me, had mammo, then lumpectomy the bilateral mastectomy all in 2 wks time, im still wrapping my head around finding a mass much less all the other, but in a way im glad i didn't have to do much waiting in between, these wonderful people here have been such a blessing, don't know you home life, but having everyone on the same page helps, but in the end its your body and only you will be going through the physical part, go with you heart, i will keep you in my prayers and let us know as you progress through this journey, God bless you

IRB Granny
Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2012

Also prayers going your way. I have my wonderful husband but all our family are out west and not happy we are so far away. We live in Florida.
I guess just need to be calm and wait to see surgeon.
How large was your lump or mass? Luckily mine is 2 cen
IRB Granny

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One thing at a time. Let us know what happens and what they say. Everyone here are very kind and super helpful and of course supportive. Good luck hope to hear from you soon with more details.

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This is a great place for info and support. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


IRB Granny
Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2012

Yes I think this forum is going to be so helpful.

IRB Granny
Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2012

Yes I think this forum is going to be so helpful.

IRB Granny
Posts: 5
Joined: Nov 2012

Yes I think this forum is going to be so helpful.

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Just welcoming you to this great site and good luck with your surgeon. Keep posting to let us know what he says. We're here to help and support you.

Hugs, Noel

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Welcome to the club that no one wants to join! You will find wonderful support at
this website. I want to wish you the best. Stop in often to visit!

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You will find this site such a comfort as you go through your journey. When I was in thethroes of treatment, I could ask ANY question and the support came pouring in. Also, many sleepless nights were spent with this site as there is always someone on. Best wishes on your treatment plan and may God bless.

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How did the MRI go and your doctor's appointment? Any news on your results yet?

Hugs, Jan

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Thinking of you..


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