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It' snowing- yuck

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It snowed yesterday, but didn't stick. However, woke up to white lawn, gone now. But it's snowing again. Makes me feel kind of edgy. Cabin fever can't start this early!

I think about those in Sandy's wake and worry about the cold, and the forecasted storm.


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where do you live?

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but by the weekend it will cool down to the high 69's. Much better for this time of the year. Had enough hot weather the past 3 months. Live in S. Calif.


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Yesterday and today we had snow in the air. We did not have the white stuff on anything, but people up in the surrounding hills and a little farther north had some stick.

Yes, we often get this kind of weather in November here in NY. Sometimes we even get some accumulation as early as October, but it does not stay.

People who live where hurricanes often hit (southern USA) can sympathize with our downstaters who were hit last week by Sandy in many ways, EXCEPT for the understanding how much worse it gets when it is cold.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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