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Pins and needles

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My daughter moved to Canada yesterday - long story- I don't think everything was well planned and I got a call last night that there was trouble at the border, and then her phone died.

Frantically, calling texting emailing face booking. Apparently, she FB'd after I went to bed, which was very late. Now just on pins and needles waiting to hear.



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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oh Sue,

I hope the trouble was just paperwork, and that you will hear very soon that all is ok. Since my kids are still young, I can only relate to this from my own experience. It seems to me that it is always difficult (no matter their age) to allow kids to make their own decisions.

I hope you and your daughter can come to peace with this change soon.



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Apparently, as they crossed - she went first- he was stopped having had her tv, and some other things. He was turned back and so the decision was to ditch it all in a dumpster at the US duty free plaza. Personal stuff - her art portfolio, and the like - went too. I can't tell you how many calls I made to Canada and US to locate the stuff. Of course I had to wait for my daughter to contact me first.

Thanks to a wonderful woman at the US plaza, a mom herself, her things were pulled from the dumpster and are now with my daughter.

So, one crisis dealt with...

Kids, anyway.


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Hope it all works out..


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