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What a weekend!

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Well, maybe I should have gone to Monaco! As all y'all know, I had my appendix taken out today. The pain I'd had last weekend turned out to be acute appendicitis, which they found on yesterdays CT scan. My onc called at 4 in the afternoon and wanted to see me ASAP to get examined and to speed up the hospital check. The scan also showed that I had gall stones, so when I spoke with the surgeon we agreed that he'd take out the gall bladder as well.

Eight this morning, they ran me in, snip snip snip and back up to my room, minus a couple of parts. The doc said that if I wanted, I could come home today so I did. I'll have to take it easy for the next few weeks, but I've been doing that since September anyway.

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Home already? Wow...have to assume that all was done laproscopically.

You sure do know how to have a fun filled weekend!

So very glad that the doc was on the ball and got you taken care of quickly.

Take care of you...and no jaunting off to foreign parts until you are all mended.


Marie who loves kitties

Brenda Bricco
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Sheesh! I hear the appendix pain is bad, I am glad it is gone.
Take care Doc, I will say some extra prayers for your recovery.
GOD bless you!

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What a fun weekend you are having. We can't get a break. I guess you didn't need that appendix. Pray you are up and running around soon. Jeff

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What a fun weekend you are having. We can't get a break. I guess you didn't need that appendix. Pray you are up and running around soon. Jeff

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they sure kicked you out real quick. must be they really know you! lol!!! anyway i am glad the surgery went good. try to rest & not do much. you have been thru alot lately so give yourself a good rest.

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Glad to hear that all went well. Really was a speedy process. Good thing it was caught on the CT. I hear a burst appendix can cause a whole new set of problems. Rest up and take care.



Cathleen Mary
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You are amazing...so much to deal with and still a sense of humor. My thoughts and prayers are with you for an uneventful recovery.

Cathleen Mary

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Glad you're home and doing well. Now let's try to stay away from surgeons for a while!


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We are glad you are OK!

Heal Fast, and then slay some dragons!

Best Always, mike

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We all get so focused on cancer we sometimes fail to remember there are many other ways of getting ill. Pleased you got it all sorted.

Amazed at How many parts can one person get chopped out and still keep going sometimes!


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In another post Doc It would have been easy to pull the pin anytime in the past 14 years but I really am curious as to how many bits they can lop off or otherwise stop working before we stop working. I've lost the gall but I still have the appendix. My kidneys are not so good at the moment and are trying to drown me with pulmonary Oedema.The diuretics are not pumping me out fast enough. Going to bed has become a real adventure,being unable to absorb oxygen results in some extraordinary dreams. Hoping you are feeling a bit better soon. Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually wake up one morning and think gee I feel good, ah well I guess we live the life we have. Ron.

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Glad that they found out what was going on with you and fixed you up. Glad that you are home and hope that your recovery is fast and complete. Thanks for the update.


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at least there's nothing boring about your life! You'd probably take boring occasionally! Here's hoping this recovery goes well. Dan

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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I think you need a break! Enough problems now it's time for fun. Hope you're feeling better this afternoon.
Sandy :)

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Sheesh, you've been having issues for some time now, hopefully this is what all that crap you've been enduring was all about huh?? Maybe this non cancer related stuff gone will have you feeling much better.

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Rest up.

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That sure was fast! I'm glad to hear you're home and doing okay - hope you are on the mend and will feel much better soon.


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