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OUCH!! Where did that pain come from?

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This is my 6th week post-op bilateral mastectomy, have had problems with affected breast from get go, have ad jp drains until last weekend when suture line popped open, have been packing hole twice a day as ordered but today all of a sudden i had 3 very sharp, like hold yourself and bend over pain, 3 times and now i hurt from open wound to breastbone, no signs of infections, just pure pain, any thoughts on what it could be or what to do, don't think necessary to go to er on weekend but if happens again i will go, this is all still so new and uncharted territory for me. any advice or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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You poor woman! I only had my drains for a couple weeks and all 4 came out without a hitch, so can not relate to that part of your situation. I did tho have sharp unexplained pains during the couple months to follow. Try to imagine what is going on inside your body...nerve ends, muscle tissue, blood vessles, have all been disrupted and are adjusting to the surgery. I was told to watch closely for infection, and as I healed to start some light stretches (increasing with time), but not overdue too soon. Any chance you are doing too much or lifting something too heavy? I had occasional pain after a few months, but now, 7months post double mastectomy, feel good and have strength and flexability back. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that things improve quickly.

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thanks so much, im sure i have been over doing, its my nature, im really trying to change that, but know that saying"old dogs", i've been trying to stretch my left arm more since all drains are out and have probably done too much, was ask md in morning, thanks so much.

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My bilateral was Jan of 2011. When I had pain similar to what you describe, I was told it was the nerves regenerating. I hope that's the case for you, because it means you are recovering.

I'm sorry you have to pack that open wound. Those months weren't fun for me, doable but not a lot of fun. The nurse and I got to know each other pretty well though, and I always like making new friends! If there is anyway I can help, feel free to send me a PM.



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