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Bleeding from the mouth after chemo treatment

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I usually get me chemo treatment on Tuesday, by Friday I am suctioning out blood from my mouth. Does anyone else have this problem. I have a peg tube, i cant take anything by mouth.

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Pam M
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But I did have bleeding from time to time. Not heavy bleeding, though.

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I did have a little from time to time during rads, but not chemo.

Have you communicated with your MD's, if not that would be something you should definitely talk with them about.

Better to be pro-active than re-active.

BTW, welcome to the group, awesome people here with tons of experience.


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but from my nose. I got these big ulcerative things that bled a fair amount. Agree with John this should be mentioned to treatment physician. Other causes are possible for this while on chemo. Welcome to the board.


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but also had clots in nose but only a short duration...a week maybe two at the most

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5FU chemo treatments...my mouth was hamburger and dried out...so when my tongue would touch my cheeks and stick, they'd bleed...or when my lips would stick together, they'd bleed. I'd still tell my Onc about it, tho....they may have an idea of how to get your mouth healed up.


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I never had that ...can only say I agree with the rest on here ...keep your team of doctors informed and let them check it out ....



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