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Hi mates need your experiences on that!

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I'm very fine with my cancer , chemo is working successfully and levels are near normality, but not completely yet!
My main concern is that my liver enzymes are fine but bilirrubine have rise to 2.4! Doctors say not problem since it is caused by chemo and use to be frequent! But even that I'm still afraid about, so the question is ,which has been your highest level of Bili while on chemo?
Thanks in advance for your answers!
Hugs!. ( specially long term chemo patients)

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Hi Pepe,
The highest mine's been is 1.0 mg/dl which was Sept of this year.
Last month it was 0.5 mg/dl and is usually between .3-.7mg/dl.


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My bilibruim levels were always normal but my alkaline phosphate (another test) was way up in the near 200's but doctor said not to worry because my treatment would do that. I'm sure that your doctor is aware of that fact. We tend to over analyze every single level in our body, but you could take the same test the next day and "everything" will change up or down. I'm a worrier so I'd be doing the same thing but I'm sure you are fine.


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I used to think that billirubin was belly rubbin, what you did to a statue of Buddha for luck.

The highest mine has been is 3.0 and that was 15 May this year. If your other numbers are fine then I'd say trust the onc and don't worry.

Cathleen Mary
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My bilirubin has been 3.2 along with significantly elevated LFTs. Turns out I have autoimmune hepatitis....not liver mets as I thought.

Cathleen Mary

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Thanks in advance!

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i put this on my blog today, lots of good science behind gingseng believe it or not.


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