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Autoimmune disease and endometrial cancer

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Were any of you diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder either before or after uterine cancer? I understand there Is a possible link between the two. I didn't need chemo or radiation, but one day I woke up and couldn't move without severe joint pain. Blood tests revealed an autoimmune disorder with a high RNP. My GP mentioned that the autoimmune disorder may have been linked to the uterine cancer. I see a rheumatologist on Monday. I hope he's good because I understand that pinpointing the exact autoimmune disease can be tricky. I'm thinking it might be celiac and there does seem to be a link between that and uterine cancer.

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I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 and UPSC endometrial cancer in 2012. I took Avonex injections for 12 years. After my hysterectomy, I called Avonex because no one including the certified lymphodema specialist could tell me if the injections were placing me at risk for lymphodema. They couldn't tell me either but transferred me to their drug safety people who asked me to file a report.

Personally, I no longer like to dwell on the why. It drives you crazy and at the end of the day, it is what it is. By the way, except for the hair loss (I did not experience nausea)the symptoms of MS are pretty much the same as the side effects of chemo so when my oncologist asked me if I was experiencing tingling and fatigue I told him no more than I had for 10 years.

I have Googled just about everything on the Internet about my cancer and have never come across any studies linking autoimmune diseases and cancer. I have an excellent neurologist and I am sure if there was evidence of a link she would have told me.

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I was diagnosed with UPSC (Stage 1a) a year ago; 3 years prior my sister was diagnosed with undifferentiated autoimmune disease (a little Sjogrens, a little lupus, a little scleroderm, some rheumatoid arthritis to boot). We each take pride in the rarity of our diseases, and think each other's is worse than our own.

Curious about a potential link.

Liz in Dallas

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Don't know if I can address the autoimmune associated with cancer diagnosis, but surely have found it to be related to wheat in our diets. A number of autoimmune diseases or inflammatory conditions can be triggered by gluten (wheat) in the average diet. Therefore, suggested to avoid all wheat products (barley, oats.....) wheat and side effects from autoimmune will be less or gone entirely.

If you do some research on wheat, you'll see tons of information on diseases such as cancer and celiac. Our bodies can't breakdown wheat properly, therefore, unable to absorb proper nutrients.

I've stopped eating all wheat and gone to side of "gluten-free" diet. I feel so much better, more energy, and less gassieness in my digestive system.

Checkout the link below as gives you a bit more information.


Good luck,

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