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Hodkins Lymphoma Stage 4. I've been told I've relapsed and I'll be on a chemo to control it but it's in curable. SGN stopped working

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Here is a link to an info sheet about relapsed Hodgkin's. http://www.lymphoma.org/atf/cf/{aaf3b4e5-2c43-404c-afe5-fd903c87b254}/HL%20RELAPSED11.11.PDF

From the information sheet: "Even for those patients who relapse (the lymphoma returns following remission) or become refractory (the lymphoma is resistant to primary treatment), secondary therapies are often successful in providing another remission and may even cure the Hodgkin lymphoma."

There are several options, and more are being studied. The great news for cancer sufferers is that we do not live in a static world - it is extremely dynamic and new therapies are regularly being introduced. It looks like the fairly well-known combo of GND offers hope in relapsed Hodgkin's cases. I received four cycles of that as part of my primary therapy for non-Hodgkin's. What does doctor have to say? This would be an excellent time to obtain a second opinion, as treating relapsed lymphomas can be as much art as it is science.

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Posts: 101
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This is my third relapse, 2 SCT and clinical study :(

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Man I'm really sorry Diaz that this is happening to you! Wish I could do something for you, just know that I will be praying for you that the docs find something that will help you. Please keep us updated on what the doc says, Take care and sending you a HUGE HUG!


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I'm very sorry, I know how it feels when things seem hopeless.. Don't forget there is always hope because docs are only part of the picture... So many pp that are doing well are not here and so many pp that don't do well end up living many many yrs... At the end it's all about what God has planned for us... You go to docs as my Dad would say to live the life you are given in better health not to extend your life.... Will be thinking of you and wishing docs are steared in the right direction for the best treatment that will be successful and hopefully cured... What kind of lymphoma do you have where exactly initial diagnosis and now etc?

Hi to everyone... Following things quietly lately...
Missing Dad a lot especially today... Some days are just nonstop ache in my heart and soul... He truly was a wonderful person... I keep getting reminded of that daily with even his customers stopping by the shop just bcuz they heard and they are in tears... Can't believe how much He was loved... There were customers when we were away that would stop by closed shop and stand there pray and leave and they didnt know what happened some thoguht things are not going well and some heard from neighbor shop etc... Everybody loved Him sooo much and I think that is such a great thing to leave behind...

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