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OTWe got stuck in a gas line

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we tried to get a loaf of bread and got stuck in a gas line not once but twice. People didn`t want to let you in the grocery store parking lot. I tried the drug store to pick up a script had to get a cop because of a gas line. Power lines are still down one is by the drug store here. I cant wait until we all get back to normal. I am sorry but I needed to vent

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Oh it breaks my heart that my Northern friends are going through this! It will get better, I promise, but some things will take time.

After Katrina, we were in those lines. It was crazy because we didn't have power for about a month. We had to buy a generator to run the fridge, a lamp and an ac. Because the generators ran on gas, everyone was looking for it more than ever.

Suddenly, the gas became plentiful and it was less of a problem.
But your problems are so very unique because of the population density in that area. I am so sorry that you had to find an officer to get to the drug store.

Hang in there! And, if you can't take it anymore, pm me. Maybe you need a vacation south :-).

And vent anytime! You are living through a very stressful time.

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Sometimes the US acts like a third world country. My heart goes out to you and your neighbors. Some of our neighbors here in Cleveland Ohio still don't have power either. Our electric company sent our local crews to help out on the East Coast. We have a great deal of damage with trees downed on homes and streets and power lines, too. Our marina docks destroyed in Lake Erie. Not at all like yours by a long shot! Our city and state leaders are about to sue the electric company.

The way you are all being left to fend for yourselves really angers me in this great nation of ours. I hope the power comes back for your neighbors quickly and that some kind of normalcy can be gained soon. This is where I want to see MY taxes go...to help you all!!!


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I hear that New Jersey and Long Island have been closed down .. due to the lack of

What about water and food? No electricity with all the cold weather -- hard
to imagine.

Horrible --

Continued prayers for all of you!

Vicki Sam

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Food shopping is an adventure . There are still people with lights and heat. I got lucky I kept them. Public trains and busses is a zoo .Thank you. Im in north NJ .

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