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I have already had 5 rounds chemo with the last being switched to Taxotere and Herceptin. The pain has been almost unbearable. For 48 hours the pain was true agony and the next 24 just agony. Pain meds barely touched it. It is eased up now, but do not want to go through the agony again, any suggestions ?

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Taxotere kicked my butt. I had a reaction in my lower back/kidney area. I couldn't keep going. The oncologist was going to cut back the dosage the next time if the surgeon had not opted to move forward with surgery instead. That is one kick butt drug my sister and it can take you down with it, so talk to the oncologist! The next time you go he/she will be able to adjust it to reduce this pain.


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OMG! Someone with the same problem I've been experiencing. I had my 1st dose of chemo with cytoxan and taxotere on 10/23 and have never felt such pain before.(I would rather have the mastectomy all over again.) It started the morning after the dose and has continued in first my right hip/leg, then left my leg and moved to the left shoulder joint. I still have a deficit in my right leg mobility with weakness and instability. My oncologist, the PA and the nurse clinician all look at me as though I'm exaggerating. And you're right - no pain relievers, even prescription, will touch it. My oncologist suggested decreasing the next dose of taxotere, which worries me about the effectiveness of the next 3 doses. I may ask for a pain consult to see if there is any other med that may help. Thank you for posting your question - I had begun to think I was crazy!

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