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Hi, guys.

I've been rather absent lately, so I may be behind the time in asking about this. Has anyone talked about Christmas/holiday cards this year? Do we want to do that? I would have to say that I so crazy busy that I wouldn't have time to compile the list myself, but if there is one, I would love to have it.


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If there seems to be interest among our members, I will volunteer to put the list together.

I can start from last year's list, so if anyone was on it last year and doesn't want to participate this year they would have to let me know.

The other thing folks need to remember is that you don't have to commit to sending cards in order to agree to receive them. Times are tough financially for some, but they should not feel they can't receive some holiday cheer.

I think I would need the names of those who want to participate, and the new addresses by the 16th of this month in order to get the list out before the end of the month. They can send info via email on this site.

Let's see what kind of response we get on this thread.

Hugs and glad you asked!

Marie who loves kitties

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Sounds good to me. Art

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