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Shooting pains on left side of head

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I have completed my first 5 days of treatment. 1 chemo and 5 radiations down so far for left tonsil cancer. I am having shooting pains to the left side of my head which is the treatment side. Tylenol does not seem to help. Anyone else have this? Of course, I am freaked out that maybe I have cancer of the brain in addition to my tonsil. This stuff is scarey!!

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As with anything let your Doctor know and let him examine the area; more then likely the treatment is affecting the nerve in your face. It is really early in your treatment for this to happen but we are all different and the effects to each of us are different. Don’t freak out or think that you have Cancer any place else, your body will be going through many changes due to the treatment. If you need something stronger for pain let your Dr know and don’t worry, take what you need; your Dr will get you off of them after treatment is finished.

God Bless and keep you in His care.

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...until there is incontrovertible proof that you do. and even then, chances are you still don't. please try to cool down your powerful imagination--it's not helping.

but all kinds of mysterious pains...oh yeah, they happen.
I had a throat biopsy a few days back, and have had headaches since. they gave me liquid tylenol with codeine. it works, but it's turned me into a zombie. tomorrow I'm going to try to wean myself off it, before some good citizen shoots me in the brain (double tap).

seriously--hope your docs can help you out, and you feel better soon.

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that's how I described it...they started after a couple weeks of rads. Docs said it was from the radiation affecting nerves. They'd come and stay just for a few minutes, then go away. Further down the road they just went away and never came back...my imagination took me in the same direction, tho...:)

DO tell your Dr.'s, but chances are the radiation is affecting things you didn't even know you had...


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D Lewis
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Except I got it in my shoulder. Intermittent, intense shooting pains, that came on mostly at night. Came on in the middle of treatment, and then subsided a few weeks later. It was very unpleasant, but temporary.


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Pam M
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Again, nerve issues. Now I just feel a tightness/pulling in my upper head (heaviest-hit side; side dissection was on); it used to be a shooting pain.

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i got these shooting stabbing pains after my treatment. went to doc and mine was muscle pain from everything being so tight. she said everything in the upper back and neck can potentially cause those pains.

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