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Thought I'd share today's events...

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Today I had surgery to relieve the severe pain/pressure that resulted from my recent double-lumpectomy (2 weeks ago). Because I was requiring daily aspirations of fluid, and still in extreme pain, my surgeon re-opened the incision, drained and irrigated both areas, and placed drains. Of note, I had an attractive, young (30-somthing) bright anesthesiologist for my lumpectomy. My surgeon promised that he'd be there for me again today.

I mentioned today's surgery on another group in which I participate, and included the comment about at least having my eye-candy anesthesiologist again to look at before I fell asleep. So someone there dared me: "I double dawg dare you to tell the eye candy that it will be a pleasure to sleep with him."

Who am I if not one to take a challenge? And I quote (with my husband as witness): "Dr. Day, I want you to know that it will be a pleasure to sleep with you again."

Once he stopped laughing, he asked me to repeat myself so that he could record me and show it to his wife. (He's an attractive 30-something, bright and friendly.) He also recorded my husband responding to my comment with a thumbs up.

Oh, and my surgery went well. Hopefully, it will resolve my pain issues.

Keep smiling!


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Good for you!! Cougar, cougar, cougar! Now don't need more surgery just to sleep with young stud again. I'm glad everything went well for you, get rest and sweet dreams!
Sandy :)

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I love you....you are tupendous...

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Love it!

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What a wonderful story...I am glad you and hubby are the types who would go for the laugh!

Praying that this surgery accomplishes what was intended and that you are feeling up to curling again soon.


Marie who loves kitties

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and you are one funny lady.

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That was too funny. Glad that all went well and you continue to heal quickly. You go girl.


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Alice you are so funny! Was wondering how you were doing. Your positive outlook helps all of us. Keep healing.

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thats the funniest story i have heard, how daring.

ps not only does it make the world go around, its also keeps the race going. what race ?
the human race!

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You are tooo funny. I was just commenting to my hubby today how much it irritates me when a young waiter, clerk, etc. calls me "honey", "dear", or "sweetie". And then there's the ones who call me "miss". What? I didn't miss anything. Guess I should be glad they address me at all. LOL Just wait! Someday they'll get old, too. Whoops, I'm showing my "grouchy old lady side".



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"Dear" Wolfen

How's the world treating you, "Honey?"

Well, gotta' go, "Darlin'..."


-Young ETC.

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that is rich! Hopefully when the work on me today I get a pretty, young anesthetist instead of some old dude who just passes gas.

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Nothing like going to sleep with an attractive anesthetist!

Here's hoping all goes smoothly.


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It was some old dude who passed gas. But the gal that shaved me was one hot lil honey! I didn't dare say anything that might make her laugh in case she slipped and cut of something that was meant to stay!

I did ask for a pen so that I could draw a dashed line just below my belly and write DO NOT CUT BELOW DOTTED LINE!

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As long as they don't remove our senses of humor (or any other critical organs!) we're all good.

Wishing you an easy recovery.


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My mom has credited her recovery with this cute 30 something male nurse. Being catered to by a young lil hotty made her feel really good.

Nothing wrong with that!


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So nice to see you guys having some fun!!

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That's very funny Alice. You know my thoughts on maintaining a sense of humor with things...
I guess his performance put you to sleep again?

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Actually, his performance didn't leave much of an impression. I can't say I'm left with great memories!

Thanks, Phil!

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Alice, please! It's hurts to laugh that much!!!

Alas, no eye candy for me, just an old dude passing gas. The the nurse who did the shaving was mighty fine on the eyes!

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You are sooooo funny! I have to share this story with someone!

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oh my you had me laughing! i am so glad you have a great sense of humor & that you share it with us! love it! glad the surgery went good.

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You are too Funny! We are glad everything went well!

If we can not laugh at ourselves then life becomes more difficult.

Best Always, mike

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I love that we can find humor amidst all this! Way to go!

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Your a bad bad girl!!! I have a really hunky surgeon....he ordered a colonoscopy, I assumed he would be referring me to the woman gastro doc who did the first colonoscopy....didn't think about it, till I walked in the room to have colonoscopy and there was my hunky surgeon and hunky anestesiologist. I LITERALLY FROZE....standing there in a hospital gown and running shoes and socks. My brain was saying run. The surgeon literally had to walk up to me and physically pry my purse and my bag of clothes from my arms and set them down!!! Nurse starts to rant about me taking my running shoes off....he said it was okay leave them on.

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Love the story, Alice - and your attitude. I hope you are feeling better soon - still so glad about your "benign" announcement.


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When I worked, it was for a med society. One of our docs used to say " The surgeons are just plumbers, it's the anesthesiologist that keeps you alive." LOL Good Luck

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So glad you continue to take charge and find solutions to promote healing. But most of all glad you are online with your support.

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