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Well, I thought I was in the clear regarding my PET scan---sigh :(

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Saw my oncologist Tuesday. She told me my PET scan showed no evidence of disease in any organs or even bone (not even where the previous met was seen in T-12)! Yippee! BUT, she did say one lymph node in the affected side did show uptake and was enlarged. However, she said she was 99% sure it was probably swelling left over from my mastectomy on 10/10. I told her I didn't even know I had any lymph nodes left--surgeon took out 23 when I had my lumpectomy almost 3 years ago. She said she would send the PET scan results over to my surgeon, but as far as she was concerned it was all good.

Well, my surgeon's office called me today. He has reviewed the PET, read the report and wants to see me in his office next week to "talk to me." Hmmmmm. Don't know what that means, but I'm thinking, can't be good.

Anyway, a brief feeling of elation only to be once again dashed with feelings of fear and doubt. I hate this crap.

Hugs, Renee

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with appointment. We can never relax can we......... Tell us how things go. TRY not to worry yourself TOO much.

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From what I understand about axillary lymph nodes, there are 3 levels. When they remove lymph nodes with a dissection with the initial diagnose it is from level 1. You had 23 removed at level 1. I had 27 removed at level one. My surgeon told me to imagine grapes, I don't count them when I buy them do I? They grab a bunch of nodes, some have more than others.

Four years later, I had a tumor in the axillary and insisted it be removed. My surgeon wasn't keen on it as we knew it was near the axillary vein (large vein in arm) and had sucked in a nerve (caused of pain and that how it was discovered). He removed the tumor wrapped around the large axillary vein and level 2 nodes, then reached up, taking a sample few of level 3 nodes. I was lucky the large arm nerve was buried in scar tissue at level one. He cut the two nerves from the tumor.

I should never have insisted on that 2nd dissection, it has caused neuropathy in that area.

Here is a where you can see an illustration of all the levels of axillary lymph nodes along with other nodes in color:


Hoping it is inflammatory node caused by your surgery last summer.

Wishing the best, Renee,


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Oh Renee I am so sorry that you now have to wait to hear what he wishes to discuss with you, lets hope it is simply precautionary stuff. I know I hate this crap too! Enjoy your weekend, go out do something that brings you joy!



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Jean 0609
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Hope it is nothing dear Renee. What day is your appointment? Keep us posted.


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Sorry you had your elation ended so soon. I think if a dr. calls and says he need to "talk to you" it should be done that same day not a week later. Don't they realize the stress we feel. I hope all goes well when you do see him. Try not to worry too much.


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Renee, I am praying that this is benign. Sending good thoughts!

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I plan on holding my breath and crossing my fingers, besides the very positive thoughts, wishes and prayers.

Much love,


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they left a few stray nodes when they did the mastectomy. I am choosing to stay positive as your tumors have been so responsive, and I am sending you lots of positive energy! Spend time with that beautiful baby this weekend and hopefully you won't think about it.

Hugs Renee,

New Flower
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Cancer ghost never let us go. Sending positive thoughts and hoping for false alert .

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Different Ballgame
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Dear Renee

Until you hear what the surgeon has to tell you, consider it this way...no news is good news.

Best of luck. Sending you tons of hugs and positive energy.

Lots of Love,

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Let me guess...the surgeon didn't say that to you...his nurse did? or his secretary? I am so sick of the way they treat the patients. We need to talk crap? Why can't we just talk now? hmmmmm? I am sorry that you have to go through this waiting game because he/she could not talk right now! Kay wishing karma back on them......Is the office visit fee just so damned important to them?

I am so sick of this kind of unemotional unfeeling, non-human treatment!


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I would be a little concerned, and confused by the comments made. After loosing a
night or two of sleep, I would be calling the doctor's office -- repeatedly.
Insisting that I get an appointment ... NOW.

I understand that many women, and men are suffering -- going thru treatment, needing
guidance, however, YOU are important. YOU, are not just a number -- YOU, need
information, and his medical expertise, NOW.

Congratulations on the positive, new regarding the being in remission on previous

Waiting the most difficult things for me to do.

Gentle hugs ..

Vicki Sam

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Renee, I am not a very patient person. I don't think I could wait till next week "to talk"...give me the news now. I don't care about the method of delivery, email, phone, in person...just don't make me wait. I applaud your patience, but I'm very sorry you even have reason to practice patience. I'm also glad your onc and your surgeon are being thorough. Please let us know what the surgeon says.



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I agree they cant just drop a bomb and leave you dangling, its cruel. I am loving hearing that the bones and other organs look clear. They may need to talk to you about what you want to do about the other area. i doubt they know for sure what it is.

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I feel anxious along with you. I pray and pray and pray that the news is not bad. I mean, maybe the doc wants to discuss what he saw and tell you that perhaps it's nothing but he/she might want to get a closer look. I don't know. I just want everything to be OK.

Hugs and love coming your way.


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Renee - -I am sorry you are worried about this new development. I wonder if this is due to the fact that there are other nodes missing, causing additional fluids not to flow? I always wonder about this because I had edema in my breast. I have a friend who has a similar problem, her node (from her back, affected area) got enlarged. She did a biopsy and it was OK. I too had an enlarged node under my arm and it was also biopsied and it was b9. I know nodes can enlarge for different reasons, so I pray that yours will turn out OK.

Please keep us posted and try to stay positive at all times.


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Prayers and positive wishes for good news .... sorry about the waiting! Sue D

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I hope your appointment is early this week and you get the answer to your questions. It may just be a follow up appointment to let you know why it looks that way. I had a CT scan done and the oncologist said everything was good. I still wasn't feeling well so I went to my thoracic surgeon and he told me my liver which had been pinned down when I had surgery had come "unpinned" and if I wanted they could go in and fix it. I was glad to find an answer, my oncologist didn't say anything about seeing the surgeon. I thought it may just be scar tissue. My point is he may just want to explain what the oncologist can't because it's not her area of expertise. Here's praying you get good news. Hugs.


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