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Surgery today went well/laugh of the day

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Dr cleared out lots more fluid, irrigated both areas from the lumpectomy, and has me on antibiotics. She left 2 drains, and will see me again on Monday.

But who am I, if not one to find humor in everything?

I mentioned today's surgery on another group in which I participate, and included the comment about being told I'd have the same anesthesiologist again, some eye-candy to look at before I fell asleep. So someone there dared me: "I double dawg dare you to tell the eye candy that it will be a pleasure to sleep with him."

So I took on the challenge.

I quote (with my husband as witness): "Dr. Day, I want you to know that it will be a pleasure to sleep with you again."

Once he stopped laughing, he asked me to repeat myself so that he could record me and show it to his wife. (He's an attractive 30-something, bright and friendly.) He also recorded my husband responding to my comment with a thumbs up.

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With all the setbacks you're going through--so great to have a good chuckle with your docs. I'm hoping this surgery gets you back on the road to healing and feeling better.

Hugs, Renee

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Megan M
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That's funny Alice! Humor will get us thru anything! Hoping that this surgery will be your last!

Hugs, Megan

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Good for you. Every one needs to laugh more even in not so good circumstances. How are you now.

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I hope that this will do the trick for you!

Hugs, Jan

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We always see the docs in their scrubs. I once saw one of my docs at a concert, completely out of context for me. I looked at him and said, " oh my gawd, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on". Thank heaven both our spouses roared. I almost died.

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Love it and so understand your response!

Pink Rose
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You have an amazing sense of humor. I am glad your surgery went well.

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So happy everything went well!

Hugs, Debby

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Glad everything went well. I love your sense of humor much like mine. My surgeon isn't bad looking at all. I made a crack that I finally have a different guy(not hubby)to play with my boobs and I sleep through it.

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And my husband was in the room while she examined me pre-op (first surgery). His comment - he didn't think much of her technique. I repeated it to her, commenting that I had to agree with my husband. Somehow, her manipulations just don't turn me on like my hubby's do!

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LOL! So glad the surgery is done, now praying for a full and complete recovery for you.

Hugs, Noel

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