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I took the summer off to have a spinal fusion and am healing nicely. Just before that my Dr. wanted to give me two extra rounds of Carbo/gemzar/avastin just for good measure. Well now the back surgeon gave the go ahead to restart the chemo and my numbers doubled from 12 to 27 which are not high but usually is indicitive of something going on. I am for the first time really not up for this
This will have been three major surgeries and three regimes of chemo in two and a half years, I will do it but I need a break after this. Sorry I guess I just needed to complain today, I hope everyone else is having a better day than me. I know I will feel better tomorrow. What do you all do when you get down like this?


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Sorry you have been thru so much and now fear more chemo. Could it be elevated due to your surgery? I know that when mine goes up like that it is usually the cancer but even then they caught it before it got bad. On the days I feel good it makes it all seem worthwhile. I hope you get some days where you really feel good and a nice break soon.

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Come here anytime to complain! Sometimes when we're feeling discouraged or down, we need to express ourselves to other people who understand exactly what we're going through. I too hope that your elevated number is being caused by something non-cancer related. Please keep us posted.


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I am praying for you hon

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Glad to be done
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You have been through so much... Prayers for you

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I am feeling better now if my numbers come down right away I might just need two rounds of the chemo with keeping the avastin for maintenence. I can do that, I can even do more if I have to, sometimes it can be overwhelming especially when you are not feeling well.
You guys always make me feel better!


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you are doing better and it is so true that when a person feels good they can tolerate so much more. I hope the chemo gets your numbers back down. Please don't feel like you are complaining; you're just expressing how you feel. You certainly have earned that right.

My best to you.


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If you need to..our bodies tell us. ...sometimes the trauma. of surgery can affect the numbers. Don 't be discouraged. You have been through so much and you come back spunkier than ever.Always busy with your family or making jewelry . see you in a few weeks..be good and stay strong..Val

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Ditto Val :)

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I am no expert because I am new at this, but I have read and heard that surgery can raise your numbers. Try not to be to scared until you know for sure. Be positive!!

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I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with all the surgeries on top of the chemos. When I get down I guess I start cleaning... is that healthy? .... I don't know, but I end up with a clean house and I wear myself out. I pop in my earbuds on my MP3 player, listen to an audiobook, usually a thriller of some kind, and tune out the world.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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If I can't sleep I put on the earbuds and put a show on my ipad and usually never make it to the end of the show.
I can't wait to be done with pt so I can clean my house properly, I cheat anyway sometimes you just have to do it !

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So happy to still see you and Val on the board. My mom just finished another round of carbo/taxol. She is doing good. I think about The md saying she should have 2 good years. Well it is now 2.5 and she is still good! Hang in there. That many surgeries alone would get anyone down!

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Tell your Mom hello for me. I am so glad your Mom is doing good. What a fighter! We are going to amaze everyone in ten years ! have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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