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PICC line blood clot

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I had a port that leaked and ended up getting a PICC to complete my 4 weeks of 5FU. The first few days it hurt then started to turn red and swollen. Ended up going to onc and being admitted to hospital for blood clot. So had an ultrasound couple of months ago and clot was still there but small. I have been doing Lovenox shots now for 6 months. I got another ultrasound yesterday and clot still there, in my right upper arm/shoulder. Has anyone ever had a clot that doesn't dissolve. I am sick of shots in everyday.

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As far as I know my clots dissolved, but I've been on Lovenox for two years now. This is to prevent any new clots from forming. My oncologist won't switch me to coumadin for some reason, he just believes Lovenox is the most effective, stable med.

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