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Catching up

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jim and i
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Haven't been on the board for awhile so thought I would catch up. I had to take a break after two fellow travelers passed on.

Jim is doing great. Doctors are anazed. Jim's new oncologist gave him less than a year to live which devestaed us. We haven't told the family. We then decided to try the Barley Max and carrot juice suggested by Halleluia Acres. Don't know if it is working on the cancer but Jim has more energy and looks better than he has in two years. It goes without saying that the prayers are working as well. Jim now gets up before daylight and goes fishing until 10 am, works in the yard and helps around the house. He still cannot gain weight and has to depend on the PEG but we are greatful for small miracles.

Blessings to you all.


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You are a testiment (JIM) to how never to give in to this disease. Your post makes me very humbled...and to realize not to miss a beat with living. I am so happy for you both, and you are in my thoughts and prayers ! Katie

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My thoughts and prayers are continued for you guys...


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sending prayers and positive thoughts yours and Jim's way...There are so many brave people on this forum, I'm truly humbled....


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Because of your post, I am taking the (longer) more scenic route on our trip today. I am happy to hear Jim looks and feels better and will hope you have many more good times together.



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What an uplifting post! So happy to hear things are going well. You and Jim have been in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

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hear from you. Wow up before dawn and fishing until 10 am great theraphy. DITTO what the others have said, live each day fully and you will be in our prayers.

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jim and i
Posts: 1788
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You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


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Pam M
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So glad you "dropped by".

I was juicing for a while, but fell off the wagon some time ago. I was just telling a co-worker this week that I'm getting back on the wagon. I definately felt a difference, but then let myself get off-track and told myself it was too time consuming. I can't prove it helped my health or that any benefit was all in my head - doesn't matter - I felt good and had energy.

Don't recall anything about Halleluia acres. Is this a group you all are with now?

Keep doing well.

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jim and i
Posts: 1788
Joined: May 2011

Hallelujah Acres is a vegan diet program we had just started when Jim was diagnosed. Many testimonies of all types of cures on their site. The founder cured himself of colon cancer and a stroke using carrot juice and barley powder. Been around for 40+ years. When Jim was diagnosed we went the conventional route (didn't trust this diet) then after a year from treatment and Jim still felt awful we tried the juice and barley max again and his energy has steadily increased. I need to get on the diet since I have eaten horrible since Jim was diagnosed. They have a website hacres.com, check it out.

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I just received one of those you've got only a little time left statements. It's great to hear every instance when the prediction was wrong. Between barely, carrot juice and prayer, I'd pick prayer as the most potent. But the other two have their value also. Rick.

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Jim is certainly a big time Warrior

prayer continue for all


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Wonerful to hear from you and Jim ...and even more wonderful to hear the good news...

Continued prayers!!!



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That Jim is feeling well and looking good too. Your positive attitude, prayers and diet must be doing the trick. Are there any trials he can do?

Kent Cass
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Great to get the update on Jim. Barley Max and carrot juice? Great info. I'm supposedly clean, as are many others, and seems to me a good idea to ingest some stuffs that might help me stay that way. Thank you- and, yes, give Jim a message from all of us-



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I cannot tell you sorry I am to hear of your to hear of your husband's diagnosis. I was just recently diagnosed with head and neck cancer although mine is non-terminal when I was 1st told I did not know the seriousness. The thoughts that went through my mind were troubling. I have many friends will come to my support through prayer. I have added you Debbie and Jim to my prayer list.


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