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esophegus cancer survivors

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I am writing this to ask if anyone knows about long term survival rates with stage 4 esophegus cancer. My husband was diagnosed in Aug. 2010 with this disease. They cannot explain why he is still here and he has responded very well to treatment. Are their any new options we don't know about? Surgery was never an option they told him. He still eats well and has gained back about 50 pnds.He is 45 years old. I would like to say I pray alot but help me please understand more.

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The survival rate is very low, according to what I have researched. Two years is wonderful, and sounds like a miracle if he could not have surgery. What have you been doing? My husband was diagnosed in December, 2011. Stage 4. In April, he had a Esophagectomy with total gastrectomy. That was after one surgeon said the operation wouldn't be worth the risk. Cancer Treatment Centers of America operated and got all of the cancer. It was worth the risk to us. I believe he is cancer free because of prayer.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello once again. I was thinking of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America also. I have not used them, but by the sounds of it from jimapril, they are an awesome place! I have learned in my journey with my dad, that when one dr says no....get a second opinion, because another dr will say yes! It is a miracle that he has survived 2 years without any surgery! God must have a plan for him just yet! Check CTCOA out and let us know how you are both doing! We are here for you.

Tina in Va

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