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Post Chemo patients input needed!

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Hi friends!

Okay, so I KNOW that as the years go by (7 years out of treatment), I still experience "foggy" forgetful days...ugh, it can be frustrating. I just saw my oncologist who treated me for breast cancer and I tell her that it's really getting hard to concentrate some days and she tells me that they are still studying about the effects of Chemo and that it can also be the fact that I'm getting older. I'm 52!

SO has anyone else had struggles with this or is it just me?? I don't delve too much in the internet as I try not to bring myself "down" with all the stats. But I just want to hear it from my fellow survivors.

Thank ya'll...be blessed!


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I was told there are parts of "chemo" brain that can last for years. Also hormones in women raise heck with memory too.

New Flower
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I do feel like this sometimes. I think got worse as I get back on Chemo. There are some drugs and suplements which suppose to help concentrating, I remember doctor has mentioned it to me. if it cause serious problems, please see psychiatrist. low dose of medication can help.


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I was told there are parts of "chemo" brain that can last for years. Also hormones in women raise heck with memory too.

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I use a product called Acetyl CH, which my naturopath recommended, to keep chemo brain at bay. It works great.

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I, too, am a seven year survivor. Chemo brain is a very real thing. I can no longer read, I'm tired, and I hurt. The bromide, that ... But you look good... Is enough to send me spinning. My only real concession is purchasing audible books that I listen to, rather than read. I am no longer capable of reading more than s page or two at a time. And thank heaven for autocorrect. Judy

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I started having the problems you describe when I developed thyroid problems in my 30's.  They only got worse when I hit menopause at 51. The decreased hormonal levels definitely affect this.  I don't know if chemo has made them worse in me or not, because I'm now in my 60's when the brain starts to go downhill anyway.  You might want to have your thyroid checked to see if that's compounding the problem.

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Hello,I'm a 42 year old leukemia survivor that has been in remission for over 13 years,and I have had alot of joint pain problems,headaches,and memory loss.So it is not you it is the common side affects of chemo.Take care


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Nope your not the only one.  I have foggy days myself. I am 2 years out of chemo and radiation and still have those days.  I think and what my doctors have said is that its alot of toxic stuff going in and its gonna take a long time for it to get out.  I think we are all different and if the nurses giving us the chemo were all gowned and gloved it must be some bad stuff.

I like to say chemo brain.  I still forget alot.  I wouldnt worry too much. It what makes us chemo kids special.  My dad says its a special club we belong to.

Take care and god bless.



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