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Round Three

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First, you cry. Then, eat ice cream. Now I'm ready to fight. Doctor called about 5 p.m. Biopsy is positive for cancer. He (and team) want to be aggressive, and I am in agreement. I have the appointment with the opthamologist tomorrow afternoon, another appt with vascular surgeon (skin flap) Tuesday and pre op and probably surgery on Thursday. I will loose my right eye and possibly some of my cheek. Followed by radiation and I will be asking about chemo--I have never had chemo with my previous 2 rounds. I will be leaving tomorrow around noon and just stay in the San Francisco Bay Area (remember John, I'm on the left coast!) with my sister and her family. I have wonderful support from family and friends and my husband is a most excellent caregiver. I will update when I can and I will have my sister update after surgery. Thank you so much for prayers, support and friendship. So glad I found this site after my first treatment.

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I am so sorry to hear this rotten dx. I can't imagine all the feelings and thoughts that are going through your mind. I am so very glad you have a fantastic support system in place ! Know all my prayers and warmest thoughts go with you ! I will be thinking only the best for you ! Katie

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..at the same time I hear your fight, fight, fight song you are singinng on the outside!! I know it's not as easy to keep that fight on the inside going all the time ...so konw we got your back and we care. I'm sorry you have to do this again....but with all you have been through I think "c" is going to be scared to see you coming!!! :)

Keep us posted...know I whispered a prayer before hitting submit that many things work out better than the doctors told you !



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Tonsil Dad
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Are heading your way KT, each and everyone of us on this board
will be with you. Stay positive and have FAITH and you will be soon
on the road to recovery......again.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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you've got it (or them), in spades.
prayers from ohio! hoping to hear positive news from you soon.

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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this again. I am glad you have a great support system and of course you have us. We are all here to pray for you and cheer you on.

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Pam M
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The phrase "silent scream" comes to mind. So sorry it's come to this. I'm glad to hear surgery is soon, though. One of the things that really bothered me during the early part of my fight is that I was unable to have surgery to just cut it out.

Hope it goes well.

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I am sorry to hear this news, but I am hoping round three will find you triumphant over this monster.

You were one of my fellow warriors that responded to my first post and I am grateful for the unconditional support and affection I felt from each of you.

I hope your ride is gentle as it can be.



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God bless you as you begin this new journey. Know your cyber family is here to support, cry, laugh and pray with you and for you.

Prayers for strength, courage and healing.


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Sorry to hear what you have to go through. It's BS that you have to go through this but when all is said and done and you are recovered the cancer will be eliminated and you can get on with life. I will pray for you and be thinking of you. Please keep us updated on this post. Everyone cares.


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I too am fighting a recurrance, and am fighting with all I have, taking the max doses of a 3 drug regiment every monday for 24 weeks.

Stay strong and fight the good fight.




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We can read the determination and feel the fight in your post. God Bless!

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Wishing you the best.


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Sorry about the news, will send my blessings and pray that you have a strong fight and kick the heck out of the beast.

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You're tough and you're a fighter! I'll be thinking of you today!

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jim and i
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I envy your strength and resolve to fight on. May our Lord's loving arms enfold you and comfort you.


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Just wanted to let you know Diane and I are praying for you. Im so sorry you have to deal with this again and the side effects your anticipating. I really do not know what to say because I know how crappie this stuff is to deal with once so more than once has to take its toll both physically and mentally, but all that said we just have to do it and you will.

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You are one brave woman...I am in awe. I am sending you all the positive thoughts and prayers that I can muster right now. I'm tucking you into my pocket for the duration of this battle. You are an incredible person...


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Give em hell and don't let the #$^%# win.

I'm sorry you have to go round three however you will be in some good company on this board when you are finished.

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are with you, this is so unfair..but, I know God has a plan for your life

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Know that our prayers are there with you every step of the way.

God Bless

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D Lewis
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So very very sorry to hear this news. Sending all the positive and healing thoughts that I can muster at the same time as I am slinging a chair against the wall in outrage. You are strong, and you will survive this. Fight on, together with your agressive doctors.

Is Dr. Kaplan a part of your team?


josh r.
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I am sure that you can tell you have a BIG rooting section. God Bless, josh r.

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