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Starting the holiday seasons----

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Joined: Jul 2011

WITH NED!!!! What a holiday visitor .. Here's hoping he stays for a long, long time.......

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good holiday gift. sephie

Dog Girl
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Great news! You're having your own personal Thanksgiving just a few weeks early!
Enjoy your holidays. Those of us who have already been through this know what is really inportant in our lives now. (I "knew" it before, but I didn't necessarily act like it.)
May you be NED forever!

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Hi Lorikat,

Great news for you! What a difference a year makes! I am also going on one year post tx. As a matter of fact my appointment is tomorrow. I have been told there will be no scans. Did you have a scan? I am just feeling that if they don't do a scan, how can I be convinced that there is NED?

Enjoy your holidays!

Lorikat's picture
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Joined: Jul 2011

Yes! They did a scan.... But are only doing them every 6 months due to changes of some sort or another..... But I don't know how they will know.. But here we are at one year, sooooooo. I TRY not to worry. Lorikat

Let us know what you find out, ok?

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What wonderful news! Happy early Thanksgiving! I am SO happy for you and hope NED will be with you forever!

z's picture
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Great news! I wish you continued great news. Lori

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Congrats on your fabulous news!!! Hoping NED stays with you, too for a long, long time!!!


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NED for everyone!!!!!!

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Is the greatest thing to hear!!!

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Thats soooooo great! Relax, stay healthy, and enjoy your holidays! Best to just invite NED to move right in!

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