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Last Tuesday, I had a cat scan to determine if the spot on my lung ( since November 2011 ) has changed any. Went for discussion today, my lung Dr. says the spot is exactly the same, no growth or change...I don't have to go back for 6 months and that will be an xray. He also admitted He may have jumped the gun on dx of copd, I have not used the inhaler he prescribed for 4 months, and my breathing is easy, 98% oxygen...no shortness of breath...I'm sure that stopping the smokes has a large part to play in this...smoke free since November 1st,2011 Happy Anniversary to me and my lungs

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Its always good to get good news. Great job on not smoking, tough but you did it and it looks to be paying off.

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...and a great relief, I'm sure that it has not changed.

Quitting smoking IS hard...so congrats that you did, and stayed quit...I quit booze and drugs 26 years ago and thought that was tough.....it was nothing compared to smoking...


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Something to celebrate!

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I am glad to hear you had positive news.

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... Best,


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I feel so good when I read such news!!! I'm very happy for you!!

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Pam M
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Congrats, congrats and congrats! Wonderful that spot hasn't changed, and you DON'T have COPD. I, too, know how hard it is to stop smoking. Good work!

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This is amazing news on all accounts. You did a great thing for your body and it's paid off, so proud and happy for you. Keep feeling good!

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I'm so glad that things are going so good. Congrads on all levels. Continued success lady ! Katie

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gotta admire people who can quit smoking, major achievement.
congrats, you and your lungs are reaping the benefit.

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