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Sstill in hospital

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Still in the hospital...cant get the counts high enough. Been giving white blood and plates. WBC. 09 PLATES dropped yesterday from 66000to 48000. WBC went up from. 08 to. 09. Have diarea about every 2 hours (sore butt) . My daughter is driving up from Cincinnati today which is great. Depending on how I do my precious granddaughter will come up Saturday with her daddy. Pray counts get high enoungh to get out of reverse isolation and go home. Getting more blood work today to see if need more blood or plates. Thanks to all the wonderful friends. Jeff

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Sorry to hear you are still battling the numbers.

Be sure to ask the nurses and docs for something for the sore butt. Am sure they must have access to something which can help.

Prayers for those counts and an early release so that you can be with your family.


Marie who loves kitties

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We are still sending thoughts and prayers your way!

I got some topical lidocaine for the burn that helps right away. Not an end all, but a relief. Dibucane or Zinc Oxide helped me a lot with the hiney burn. Either one takes a day or two to ease the burn. Basically they block the burn from continuing and you have to use after each run to the toilet.

Best Always, mike

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Hoping for an immediate jump in those pesky platelets. I know JBG is fighting them also. She is receiving weekly infusions of Rituxin in hopes to raise them.

Take care and here's to being able to go home soon.



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Thinking of you, Jeff. Wish everything would hurry up and get better.....but it all takes time.
I hope you are comfortable. I was always freezing in the hospital, so make sure you have all the snuggly stuff to keep you warm.
That's great your daughter will be visiting.

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and hoping your numbers improve. Great that your daughter can be with you.

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These things that act as speed bumps in our recovery are incredibly frustrating but remember they are simply that- common complications that are an annoyance but you will get over. Sometimes you almost have to relax and give into these things that you have no direct control over and accept there is nothing you can do but be patient and let the docs do their stuff,

Bloodthirsty frustrating though, Steve

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Hang in there the hard part should be over, Now may be mostly a waiting game for your body to respond. I have Platelet problems as well and they are terribly frustrating since they interfere with treatment.

Prayers of patience and healing beaming your way...

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But so common!
Hang there they will rise!.

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I hope things turn around and you get home soon.

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So sorry that your counts are just so low. It's got to be so frustrating doing all that you are and the levels are still low. I'm hoping that they can do something different for you that will bring you back home. Your in my prayers.


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i do hope it gets better for you. i will be sending up alot of prayers for you to get better & get out of there!!!

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