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Scans today

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Hey all !
Will be on my way shortly to the U of M. I'm excited to get these over and done with to get there uptake on where I'm at. They started out being my second opinion, and now are my primary onco's. I was looking through paper work for insurance purposes...and my other medical onc has passed me on permanently. hmmm...wanted to call them and say hunh ? They said for treatment purposes they could and would work with the U hand in hand. (would save me 120 miles one way) The U does have Hope Lodge if we needed it. (hoping beyond hope for NED) Won't know anything til the 19th...but I'm sure with this team of drs I now have all will be good ! Have a good day everyone ! Katie

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For safe travels, courage, strength and wisdom for your docs to get you through this latest challenge. Keep us posted.


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I just had my scans on Monday and was given a NED. I hav Dr. Jha who has been great as my doctor, my rad onco's is Dr. Lee and she has been excellent for treatment as I saw her yesterday for follow up visit. This is a great facility with top docs and nurses. I am praying a big NED for you and will keep you in my thoughts.

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Tonsil Dad
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Sending lots of mojo to you and your team Katie, you can never
have to much of it so I'm sending you s***loads. Have faith and
be your positive self, you've always had a great attitude keep that up
it works wonders.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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I have Dr. Jha, and Dr. Caicadio. I'm very pleased with the knowledge they have and the prompt treatment I'm getting. Awsome to know you're there...maybe we'll run into one another sometime ! Katie

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for you, Katie. I go at 12:30 for the report on my Cat scan last week, hoping the spot on my lung is just that..I only have to go 11 miles, be careful

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Thinking of you Katie.. at least until the 19th. :)

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safe travels. Sounds like you are getting to there Katie where NED can finally be confirmed. Prayers to you and your family.

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Coming your way....

Thoughts and Prayers girl...


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Sending prayers for the very best

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your other issues eased up, and you can get in and do this. Praying for a NED for you, Katie...stay safe on the roads. You're such a positive soul on this site, I'll keep you tucked in my pocket for this day.


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Positive thoughts from my family to yours.



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Here is a ton of “Matt Jo” coming your way.

Good luck, good scan, good day!


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I hope your scans went off without a hitch and that the wait until the 19th goes quickly. Having just had my scans a month ago I know how long that wait can be. Can't wait to congratulate you on your NED!

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For something special like NED and NED jr. !! :) I think that would be fitting for you so much!!!

Whispered one before I hit submit ...when will you konw hte results?!!!



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I won't get results until my medical onc. appointment on the 19th...unless the tumor board thinks I need to be in sooner. They have been amazing ! I was at scans for 5 hrs today...besides the drive, very tuckered out ! 1 and half with MRI...2 different contrast used. 3hrs total for PET/CT scan (the norm) except they gave me not only the nuclear IV but also a barrium drink and another contrast to check those lungs and liver. Got the whole nine yards ! I want you all to know your support is amazing and soooo apreciated ! God bless you all ! Katie

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I'm glad you got all your bases covered. It seems they were very thorough and that is great.

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