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KFC/Long John Silver? No Help, Save your money if you can eat out

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Hi, Its been a while since I've been here. I've been doing pretty well, thankfully. My main issues are the aftereffects of cisplatin/radiation but it has been manageable. Thank God!

I am writing because of my profound dissapointment in the company KFC/Long John Silver. I did go through the drive through yesterday and ordered shrimp/fish. I have been running like crazy with work etc. I asked for extra sauces and let the person taking my order know that I need extra moisture in order to eat. They turned, away and back placing items in the bag. Of I went.

FYI, this is the first time I've ordered shrimp since my treatment! I was looking forward to this.... they gave me 4 small packs of tartar sauce. I tried shrimp with it, bleck. It allowed me to eat some of my fish and none of the shrimp, fries, hush puppies etc.

You know, IF they had said I had to pay for the needed sauces, I would have rather than not be able to eat it at all! Plus, I should not have to ask for cocktail sauce etc. I feel like a big whinner, but, in all fairness radiation and chemo have left me without saliva thus I DO need the moisture. This IS the worst experience I've had, and I will not ever eat there again.

I shouldn't have to tell them why either. So, yes, I could bring it home warm it up and have soggy fish :( I called, the manager didn't care. Then I contacted corporate, "Thank You for calling, we will investigate". So, blown off.

Heads up people, this company will not help you get what you need, at least in the drive through. Lost respect for them. If they are so tight for money, maybe I should send them a donation.

It definately feels like discrimination against persons with physical disabilites. Know they will not help you. Save your money, and here is to your improving good health!

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bummer...especially not getting to finish your shrimp (shimp is something I've been able to eat (and taste) pretty much all the way thru treatment). Not having saliva isn't common...and it's not something anyone without ever thinks about. Hell, my own family forgets, and offers up some crazy ideas of what I should eat.


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Even more than 3 years out from chemo + rads, the first thing I consider when ordering food out or cooking at home is the moisture content. Texture and chewiness is close behind. Even if I'm craving something, it has to pass the moisture/chewiness test before I can eat it. Like you, I have been disappointed a lot with restaurant food because it came out too dry or chewy for me to eat--even when it shouldn't be that way. I have found a few ways to increase the moisture content when it might not be high enough--like, extra sauce on pizza (never extra cheese!). I use to love fast food burgers (Wendy's was my favorite for years) but they are now too dry and have too much bread and salt for me to eat and swallow. So, I now eat burgers that have more meat on them, get cooked to order (medium or medium-rare, never well done), and not left under a heat lamp for 10-20 minutes before I get them.

Before cancer and its treatments, we all took this stuff for granted and hardly thought about it. But now we need to be conscious of everything we order out or cook, the size of bites we can take, how much to chew it, how much water to drink with it, and hope it's safe to swallow without getting stuck. And, that's with EVERY bite of food! After a while It just became part of my new-normal as a cancer survivor. It might be a pain in the ***, but that's the price of winning this battle and living life going forward.


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Hi IAmstrong,

Boy I just started eating again this past Sunday and I am already suppose to boycott a food joint? Were you using your nice (normal) voice or as I like to call it my froggy (new normal) voice? My frog voice makes people stare.

I’ve found that tartar sauce never works for shrimp you need cocktail sauce (just kidding with you).

I feel your pain, there is only this little slice of food (in the entire world) that I desire to eat and is it asking too much for more sauce. You’ve come to the center of food tasteingology here at H&N central. We ALL can identify with your plight and your disappointment. As I write numerous H&N warriors are venturing back into the tasting world. To eat like Skiffin, once again.

In response to Phrannie, family members and friends are full of clueless ideas. Their ideas are like shrimp with tartar sauce, bleck, out of the mouth and to the ground.

I can’t promise a protest, but I will certainly scrutinize them next time I feel like trying their grub.



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Hey there,
Most of us can commiserate with being treated this way, with eating out after treatments...or during. I have been very lucky, as we usually go to small town restraunts that have home town values. That and I'm very blunt and say hey...I need it ! I'm glad that you stood on these issues and went to corporate. Hope for better days ahead ! Katie

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thanks for the reminder.
when I can finally eat solid food again, it'll be at a local joint.
haven't spent the past 4 months drooling** over "Triple-D" just to be disappointed by some faceless conglomerate. ;-)
best wishes!

**salivaless drool.

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I am a huge Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fan. When we travel we look at the website to find places that Guy has been. But his liking of big, loaded, juicy, medium-rare burgers presents a problem--the trismus from my rads prevents me from getting my mouth around such big burgers, and I have to nibble what I can manage to eat of them.

It's always something, eh?


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always something.
hey, I've got trismus too. we could start a fan club, lol.
my family wonders why I torture myself, watching programs about food that I can't eat.
but I know I'm not alone!

in the meantime, keep following those backroads and finding those dives.

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I dont even attempt fast food. When we travel, I toss a sixpack in the car. That way, I can just drink and drive. Ensure, of course. I occasionally eat at a restaurant. There is always something on the menue I can eat. My wife knows to jump in and help me with the waitresses. They have a habit of demanding conversation when I have a mouthful of hard to chew/swallow food. And I know better than to try to eat and talk at the same time, lol. That always leads to a spectacular display. My favorite question is " what would you loke on your salad?". Wow, salad is the surest way to choke I have found.


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I know it isn't funny as I have been there and done that, but your last sentence-(Wow,salad is the surest way to choke I have found) brought an instant picture into my pea brain, Superman and Kryptonite. I stay away from salads like it were kryptonite : ) Not that I am Superman, well when I was younger I thought I was, but the red "S" has faded a bit : )

Be Well

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Salads with lettuce/leafy stuff of any kind are at the top of my no-can-do food list, which is too bad. I really like salads, but have choked on them too much and grossed out too many people by trying to chew and swallow lettuce. I can manage spinach, but it has to be very small leaves, with lots of oil-based dressing on it...and very little vinegar in the dressing.

Welcome to my new-normal...

Little by little, we all figure out how to handle this, and try to do our best to avoid food that we know is a problem--especially when we're at an event that someone else ordered the food. Thus, the extra Boosts in my wife's purse, just in case!


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Pam M
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I, too, have been let down by drive-thru clerks from time to time. I found it helps to be somewhat specific ("Can I have about eight packets of tarter sauce with that?). I recall asking for extra gravy (at a big chain place), and being brought a side dish with maybe four thimblefuls. In restaurants, When I saw a paltry amount for my "extra" sauce, I went through a phase where I'd say "can I have more sauce, please? I have a damaged throat, and need sauce to be able to eat". My son and some family members were clearly irritated I'd air my dirty laundry like that, but I didn't care - I'd gotten so tired of asking for extra, then asking for some more when I saw that their idea of "extra" was different than mine, then sometimes asking for even more later in the meal, so I'd have some for my leftovers.

I think it was Deb Lewis (or was it Staceya?)who gave us the term "foobrication" (food lubrication). Yay, buffets, where we can not only sample lots of things to see what we can taste (and find palatable), but where we also get as much sauce as we want without begging.

Good for you for complaining. I have thought to do so in the past, but never did.

And while I'm on my rant - what about servers who let your water glass run dry? Argh!! I clearly recall being out with half my family, and being high and dry with no server in sight. I stopped eating - no other option. Some of our group (painfully aware of the fact that I took MUCH more time to eat than they did), were obviously antsy - some with ME, some with the server. An aunt asked what was wrong, I explained my water situation, and she said "you can go ahead and eat, she'll surely be back in a minute or so". What?!? As a matter of fact, I CAN NOT go ahead and eat - I thought I'd made that clear some time ago - it's not me being demanding or whatever, it's a physical impossibility. For a long time, I'd request more water long before I needed it.

FWIW, MY LJS does a great job of giving "extra" sauces. AND the sweet and sour sauce is yummy, but it burns.

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Not being able to eat anything at all, I was trying to figure how to respond to this post without sounding insensitive. Pam's second sentence summed it all up for me. You asked for extra. Perhaps what they gave you was extra. I would have a little more sympathy had you asked for a specific number of "extras" and been told you can't have them. Rather than condemn a whole franchise, try telling the next one exactly what you want. Sorry if this sounds insensitive. It's not meant to be that way.

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D Lewis
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I don't care how 'up-scale' the restaurant is, or how good the service. I will not go out to eat without a full water bottle with me. At some point, my water glass will run dry.

Careful choice of foods, tiny bites, avoidance of dry and chewy things has become so second nature to me, I don't always think about what I am doing. We had "stew" at a work potluck yesterday, so I figured I'd be okay. Nah. A robust co-worker shoved a mixing-bowl sized serving into my hands, accompanied by a 'soup spoon' the size of my face. The bowl contained chunked beef, fist-sized meatballs, and whole carrots and potatoes. Oh well.


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I'm really sorry for the way you were treated by KFC, Long John's, Chemo, Rads, all of it. Please don't give up but I find the drive thru's to be too much trouble. I like dine in with lots of lube and lots of napkins. Plus they seem to have a harder time telling you "no" face to face.

The fastfood places I like are usually dine in;
Wendy's fries with 3 or 4 cups of ketchup and a dollar frosty.
Some Mcdonalds will give you the dipping stuff that comes with mcnuggets but I get it with everything.
Taco Bell's bean burrito with 3 or 4 mild packets, these are there for the taking.

I was a mayonase freek untill my weight came back,, too much, now I'm a Mustard boy.

You can and will find what works for you but keep tring new stuff.

Lots of Love and luck to you.


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You can all flame me but really, your hushpuppies were too dry? Life as you know is short and fragile and complaining about hushpuppies is not living it to the fullest. I'm sorry but in my abstaining opinion the fault lies with you. It's a fast food drive-in and everything on their menu is breaded to the 9's. Likewise with KFC. I'm three years post and still carry a bottle of water into every restaurant I frequent. You must learn to eat and it is your responsibility to be satisfied. You really should be taking better care of yourself as you are certainly worth it. Take the time to plan better and get decent nutrition and take care of your self. It's not about the hushpuppies, breaded fish or chicken but about how you cope with the new normals. You have changed and society is still stuck in the pre-cancer world but that doesn't make them wrong, just a little ignorant about our condition. Corporate shouldn't have to fix that, it's our problem to work through.

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I was early for my appointment today...and wasn't ease dropping the guy was loud and kinda irritating. He was a salesman sent to the hospital to deal with a broken machine of some kind. And he made the statement...they shoulda had a better warrenty...it's kinda like a cancer patient looking for health insurance after the fact. I was pissed at first, and then started laughing very loudly....yeah he thought I was a little crazed. But society as a whole, doesn't consider others plights. We do need to take care of US as a WHOLE. In the big scheme of things what would it matter what he said or thought....I had a very good time with this one. Inside joke for me and my hubby.....but I didn't loose my temper. He had no idea I was a cancer patient. Thank you for the reminder to live....just live to it's fullest ! Katie ( And we all get our feathers ruffled, that's why we are here for one another !)

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So glad some are able to be in total control of all aspects of their lives and don't hit the wall due to lack of nutrition, protein in my case.

Will keep the 6 pack in my car from now on.

I don't eat fast food as a rule, so rare of me and not my characteristic. Ask anyone who knows me. I eat healthy. I prefer whole food, not fake food. Unfortuantely I wasn't in total control of my day and the fires I was putting out (my boss is out on a fam emergency) and I am left to find my way on my own while protecting my license...most interesting. I do as all nurses do, stay calm when everyone else is not.

Long Johns could not deliver service that is required of me, even when I waitressed when in college. So, they do not have our business any longer nor will I recommend them. Simple.

Cancer patients, disabled persons all are to be given consideration. I was not, when I specifically said what it was I needed and why I needed it.

My diet: Greek Yougurt, Protein shakes with PB and bannana etc. Quiches with fresh ingredients. Soups, salads (the moisture content of the fresh veggies, Yum.) Water, never ending water.

Every day my feet touch the floor, is a GOOD DAY!!!

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First of all I mean no disrespect or ill feelings to anyone as I enjoy this site tremendously.
IAmStrong I see where you our coming from and having a bad day only adds to the emotions when going thru a drive thru. For me I decided to wait to comment until I heard more because everything is not always black/white there is always gray areas. Not putting words into people's mouths I think George and Ratface thought that this was a little overboard on life changing events and was being overblown. I have had similar things happen to me in the past that just pissed me off(sory for language). Anyway opinions are like assholes we all have them and they're all different so maybe we can agree on something! Just my thoughts or ramblings!!!

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Today you are a whole new poster with a whole new attitude, kind-a sounds like you really are strong, not that puny kid from yesterday wallowing in anger. Today's strength is irrefutable. I prefer this side of you. Welcome to the board, "IAMstrong."

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