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Keep an open mind......

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I have been following this for some time now. I do think that if this can be used for a treatment drug. Why not use it?

The whole thing that is needed here is correct and proper information.

Granted this drug has been used, abused and has caused many problems. Maybe it is time to change the thinking on this.

I live in a state that allows medical pot use. I have known people that use it for pain control. This one person had bad back problems, the doctors kept writing scrips for Oxy and the other drugs. The side effects were to much to handle on daily basis. So medical pot was tried and it worked real well in this persons case.

Now the one item to keep in mind is abuse, yes this can happen and it also happens with the other legal prescription drugs.

Since being diagnosed with PC'a my thinking is changing on a lot of this. And I have been researching all treatment methods.

Education is the key here, when the medical communitie starts to look at this and study it, there might be value here.

So much for my input, I like this type of information it is food for thought


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I think the time has come to stop accepting what doctors and big pharmas say as gospel. Some of the horror stories I have been hearing lately just blow my mind. For instance. A neighbor across the street who's mother has a friend that had lung cancer. They radiated her so much that her lungs were so damaaged she now has to use oxygen. They told her that she is cancer free but hey, we're going to keep radiating you IN CASE the cancer spreads to your brain. I mean WTH. If you are cancer free why in God's name do you want to continue to give this woman radiation treatment. Oh wait, I know, there's more money you can sqeeze out of this poor woman!!
Every single person on this planet has an Endocannabinoid system. When it's out of whack, fix it with the natural plant that has the remedy in abundance. There have been numerous studies done, to prove the benefits of treatments but because the pharmas can't patent a plant and make millions they sweep it under the rug.
I too have been doing a ton of research and would never have thought at looking at this as a way of treatment, but when there is evidence and I have talked with people who have found benefit or been cured by it, you bet your butt I'm going to listen. And when you look at all the videos and explanations that make perfect sense with published results it's time to pay attention and start questioning conventional treatments. But hey that's just me and my opinion. It won't be welcomed or agreed with by some, but that's fine.

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