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Hey Pete - "Got Coffee?"

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Know what an avid fan you are of coffee and enemas…

So, here’s an alternative therapy sure to prick your interest…

It’s organic – and all natural…

And comes from coffee beans digested by elephants…

The beans are then picked out of their own poop…sun dried…and sold to make gourmet coffee…

So, whether you’re in Baden Baden...


“Bada Bing – Bada Boom...”

Enjoy that delicious aroma…

Here’s their new advertising slogan…”Fresh from an elephant’s *** – to yours – good to the last drop.”


Here’s the link for $hits and giggles…


Thought you would enjoy this:)

Just a little humor, Pete…totally for fun:)

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I knew there is Squirrel poo coffee. The times are a changin' for Elephant poo Coffee.

I will for go either one. Regular Coffee has gotten pricey enough. lol

Best Always, mike

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Only on this colon forum do we freely joke and talk about poo. Love it.
Most of our days revolve around our bowels and the movements, funny really if you think about it. No holding back or misplaced shyness.
That is why we are familie

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There is some kinda "cat coffee" too, eaten not by house cats, but some kinda cat and collected and at a very high cost too.

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Here's the article! :D

"Cat Poo Coffee."
It's java juice made from the droppings of a cat-like creature called a civet and its fans are willing to a pay upwards of $30 for a cup of the frothy brew.
The beans are sanitary by the time they reach your coffee cup, despite having passed through the bowels of the small creature.
In the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, civets eat coffee berries, pass them through their digestive tracts then expel them as undigested feces. The dung is then cleaned, dried and lightly roasted to make the coffee. Coffee from civets is considered to have the best aroma, and it is the unique enzymes in the civet's stomach which give coffee its bitter taste
The price is bitter too: $100 to $600 per pound and only 1,000 pounds make it market each year, according to Getty.

If you can't afford the steep price, you're just crap out of luck.


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Its ironic that we are talking about the cat poo coffee on a cancer forum. The first i heard of it was in the movie "The Bucket List" which i am sure most of you know is about 2 men dying from cancer.

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i have to get some, my somewhat odd enema fetish has had to be rested as the diarrhea and sleeplessness from removab.

we all know the crap all night story , till your so tired you fall of the loo and you ask the nurse for the gentle moist wipes because you seek to avoid pain.

after counting to 50 craps i gave up. the great news is all fantastic in the rear end again.
so removab is like a damm cyclone, it comes along almost kills and leaves you alive and your immune system super charged.

fun my dear friend sun dance, it simply the name of the game of life.

it is the penultimate cancer therapy that we all need to excess, cancer to me is a joke.

the slightly terminal prognosis most at the clinic enjoy has warped their humour.

so tonight this stunningly beautiful girl told a joke at dinner that cracked us all up.

of course it was completely inappropriate so i better repete it here.

i hope i don't get into more hotwater over this.

JOKE what the difference between a dog on the road and a dead oncologist on the road ?
ANSWER the dog had scretch marks!

we all laughed and then I thought the humour may have indicated a little repressed anger in my new friend. but the laughter was real loud and everyone in the dining room was watching our table. the jokes went on and on. so the humour here maybe the best therapy! at the worlds best oncology clinic. my description not theirs.

hugs always,

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