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He-4 vs. CA-125

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Has anyone experienced an elevated He-4 but a normal CA -125? My doc said the He-4 was more specific to OC but I don't see many posts about ladies being tested for that marker.

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I have never had the HE-4, but heard it was very similar to ca125. I am sorry but not much help here..xoxoxo Jackie

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Glad to be done
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I too have never had it. the CA 125 is a good marker for me so far so they use that.

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Theoretically, the HE4 will become elevated before the CA-125 rises. It serves as an earlier warning that the CA-125 will be on the rise, or can be used in place of the CA-125, if that is not a good marker for you.

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Pheww I have never experienced anxiety the way I've been feeling it lately. This Thursday I will have a total hysterectomy. I'm worried about the possible cancer diagnosis, my family and the recovery. Just trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of the what ifs. I took a candle making class this morning and figure I can make candles as gifts for Christmas after I heal some after surgery. Painting, crafting etc has always proven very therapeutic for me. Love to you all.

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