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Breathing test

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Finally starting to feel better following my visit with Mr Pneumonia. Yesterday I had a test done at the local hospital to measure my lungs somehow. Shoot - taking the test tired me out more than anything. Haven't gotten the results yet but last night my GP Doctor called (he scheduled the tests) and they have advanced my appointment with a pulmonay specialist from Jan to Nov 4th. I think they suspect COPD since they had mentioned it wen I last visited. I did some searching and it seems as most COPD cases are caused by smoking and I have never smoked in my life however I have always been around smokers. At the bottom of the page I did see a small reference to mucus possibly being the cause and if that is true then I know I'm in deep kimchi. Oh well I will know in 5 days I hope.

Happy Halloween to all of you.


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Hey Denny,
I know all about those darn breathing tests....your head feels like it's gonna pop. And then they tell you more, more, more. They also will show asthma related issues...scarring from old pnuemonia....ect. I wish you much luck with all of this. Happy Halloween to you too ! Katie

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A good pulmonary specialist can do wonders. Glad you got your appt. moved up so you can get on the mend quicker.

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Hoping you feel better soon.

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my mom had it for at least the last 20 years of her life...she had a great Dr. Sending postive thoughts your way, Denny...


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Keeping you in prayer.


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