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Less than 2 weeks on chemo

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and have a bronchial infection, on antibiotics, cough syrup with codine, and steroids. DR. doesn't know if I just picked up a bug or if immune system is not tolerating the chemo. Thought Pneumonia at first but chest x-ray showed not.

Big question is do I stay on chemo? My onco ordered x-ray yesterday, his office called this morning at 8a to see another onco to examine me. I liked him a lot and now know who to go to if mine is off or not available.

He said either I picked something up or my immune system can't handle the Herceptin, Afinitor, and Exemestane. The way to find out is when I finish these meds, if I pick up another infection within a certain time, then we know my body can't handle it. Truthfully, I was thinking the same thing as were my boys and a couple of my sisters. But am hoping this is not the case.

Unless my onco decides to stop it on Thursday, I will continue chemo for 6 weeks and see what happens. Now I am second guessing my decision to do this chemo and getting my hopes up when I was finally accepting where I was on this journey!

This journey does not get easier, so I keep praying that I am making the best decisions for me.


New Flower
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I am very sorry. We all wish it will be easier or more effective when we start new medication or make a decision. I saw my oncologist today. My markers are up , elevated. We did not expect it, will repeat the blood work and change Chemo.
Sending you positive thoughts and wishing quick improvent and get well soon

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Dear Carol,

I will think positive thoughts for you that it is something you picked up and not the drugs.

The journey is not easy at stage IV. You so want to believe that the oncologist knows more than you but it is a lot of guess work. It is hard to know how the body will react until it does.

Hoping for the best for you that it is something you picked up,


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I hope whatever it is, that you begin to feel better ....

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Carol, of course you are making the best decisions for you. One of the lowest parts of this cancer roller coaster is self-doubt. It makes for a rocky ride. I hope that the infection clears up right away. Stay strong. xoxoxo Lynn

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Where is that crystal ball when we need it? It's so hard to make these decisions...I know you and your docs will make the decision that is best for you. I hope you are feeling better soon and that cough goes away quickly.



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Hi Carol -- So sorry you're going through this. Prayers will continue for your recovery and tolerance for the chemo. I hope your Dr. finds the right answers and that you feel better soon.

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Jean 0609
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Sending positive thoughts & hugs to you.


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Hi carol sorry to hear you are not feeling good. You are very brave to go through this journey. There is lots of support here for you. I hope you feels better soon. Thoughts and prayers going out to you


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