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Before I start, there is a caveat: this is a religious post. If you're offended by this you are certainly free to click on the back button and not read any farther. I strongly believe that we are all free to our own opinions, but we are not free to force them upon others. I have no desire to offend anyone but only to offer my beliefs with the hope that it will help others.

Many times when we pray for something, it either goes unanswered or the answer is directly opposite of what we wanted. This can lead to frustration and sometimes the urge to shout at God “Don’t You ever listen?” But, we are unable to see the “big picture” and that the ordained results are better in the long term. Several years ago I was called into a hospital room to minister to a dear friend who was in a coma. When I prayed it was for “if You cannot restore Patricia to us as she was, please take her quickly.” After that prayer, I administered Last Rites – the hardest thing I've ever done in my life – and the power and love in that room was almost overwhelming. My friend Laurie and I could feel both Pat and God with us. To this day I still cannot put into words what an incredible experience that was. Pat passed away peacefully two days later. Had I asked for her to just come back to us and that had been granted, it would have been heart breaking not only for her but for those of us who loved her.

Many people on this board have prayed for me in the few months that I've been here, and I have felt the power of those prayers. Sometimes it’s just a little spiritual tickle and others it’s like a sudden embrace. When I experience those moments, I always send a soft thank you not only to God but to the unknown person who sent the prayer. Armed and armored with that prayer, I’m able to face what ever life and cancer throw at me.

May God bless you all!


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My only wish last month when Rick was in the hospital, was for him to come back home to me . The doctors told me that he would never leave, his body had been through too much. But through determination and the prayers of our CSN family, he is now back home with me, and resting comfortably.

Love to all,

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What a beautiful story Ray. I watch your posts and yes, I do pray for you and a lot of people on this board. Last night, Ron & I were in our hotel room bed across from the medical center where he had an appointment this morning. We turned off the lights and ly in bed facing one another holding hands while difrting off to sleep. I closed my eyes and saw (felt) a white light shining down on us and felt very much at peace. It was like I felt a "you are safe, you are loved" feeling. I know there is a higher power looking out for all of us. Bless you, Sharon

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There is a greater force that watches over us, call it the Powers that be, or God. When we have so many words in various languages what makes us believe that God is only one word? Apple is not said the same around the world and neither is God.

A friend of mine's wife passed away three years ago. She was agoraphobic and the house was in a bit of disrepair. My friend wanted to do the remodel is wife had always wanted but was never able to have that many people in the house to get the job done.

While I was working on the house there was a presence watching over my shoulder a lot. At first this was unusual, but I knew the family a lot of years and the job was pleasant. I hired a really good friend Doug, whom also had known the family many years ago. After a couple of days, he was making excuses for why he did not want to finish the job. I asked if he had seen Linda. (Linda the wife.) He said yes. I told him Linda was watching over us, and nothing evil was here but a presence that was making sure the job was going OK. (Doug is 6'3" 280lbs and not afraid of anything.) He agreed and helped me finish the house. It became the normal to tell each other Linda liked what was going on.

My point is, that God challenges the ones that can be challenged, and has Angels watching over us also. Sometimes we just need to listen. Not all are worthy of the challenges God puts in front of them.

Best Always, mike

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I cleaned for a sweet couple who were getting up there in years(80s). The husband had died in his recliner one day. After that everytime I went to clean for the Mrs. I always felt like someone was watching me. I looked over my shoulder constantly. I never felt this presence before he passed. Im convinced it was one of two things....
Either his spirit or their daughter had put in video cameras to keep an eye on her elderly mother, who insisted on staying in her home all alone. All I know for sure is there was something watching.

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9 months after I had stopped taking my chemo, my problems were back. A pet scan showed another tumor in my intestine. Needless to say I was devastated again. Other things that were not so good were going on in my life also. One of them being, I had to get rid of my dog whom I loved with all my heart. I was so depressed and when I was taking my bowel prep the night before surgery I broke. I knew that my body wasnt strong enough to go through this again. I had been under too much stress. I couldnt stop crying when they were prepping me for surgery. My dad finally called an old family friend who anointed and prayed for me over the phone,I was in Indiana, he was in Pennsylvania, I finally calmed down enough to go to my surgery. When the surgeon got in he couldnt find the tumor. My surgeon and onc later told me, It must have been an answer to prayer. They both had saw the tumor on the pet scan.
Now...I wasnt expecting to be healed of the tumor. My fear was of the anesthesia. I felt that I was so down, in spirit, that if I got put under, I wouldnt wake back up.

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Once my son was in ICU in very critical condition and it was during a bad winter here in Virginia. I flew up from my home, then in Florida, to be with him

I had been there most of the day, but couldn't get over the feeling that I needed to stay through the night. So I stayed.

In the darkest hours of the night the nurse came to get me. My son had had a reaction to the meds and had become frantic pulling out iv's and being combative. At the time he also had the hook up for dialysis, and it would have been fatal if he had yanked them out.

I went to him and calmed him and sat there through the night gently rubbing his arm. He didn't remember a thing about it in the morning.

My prayers for his safety were answered when I got that "feeling" not to leave that night.

Marie who loves kitties

PS The story ended well...he soon fully recovered.

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Everyone on this board has my prayers everyday. I've never felt bad about posting things of prayer because to a lot of people that is what they need, what they want, what helps them. So thanks for that special story. You are in my prayers always. It is sad that some that have had religious overtone have been banned from this board because of that - but I'll still pray. May you continue to find peace through Him. And thanks for your prayers when asking too. Geez will I'll be able to post tomorrow - only the ACS will know.


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Life and et al, is a very strange and wonderful gift...sometimes we're lucky to be aware of it.

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Beautiful post doc. I am stage 4 colon with mets to lungs. I too am a warrior for God. I have his peace that passeth all understanding. I tell everyone how blessed I'am and give God the glory. I know I will be healed. God knows I would prefer here but if not it will be in heaven. I was given a beautiful article once titled "the purpose of,the desert". Google it, it is beautiful. Regards and God bless all. Sue

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God and prayer is my most powerful weapon in this war against cancer and all of lifes challanges.

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Thanks for a lovely and positive post.

As a lifelong atheist I am adamant that such posts here are entirely appropriate and vital. Along with many of the other differences we share it can be the source of conflict but clearly for so many prayer, god, religious beliefs and faith are critical in their recovery so people should be able to discuss this openly. I don't think it needs the health warning you politely posted(though I understand why you did it) anymore than a person posting about their personal beliefs about treatments.

Our diversity is our strength and I learn a lot about how people use faith in their recovery by reading your posts. Never be afraid to share.


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It's very refreshing when others are respectful even when they don't believe. My concern was a few months ago when someone posted that they would appreciate if we didn't post our religious sentiments because he found it offensive. I wanted to tell him to be more offended at the person who put a gun to his head and forced him to read those messages but restrained myself.

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Good point, Doc!!!

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I suppose it's my personal bias, but as a "believer", I don't understand why some are offended by the occasional post about God. And I appreciate Steve's take on this. If someone doesn't believe in God and/or the power of prayer -- why do they care? They may believe we're delusional, but they're not going to change any minds. Just my $.02. :-)

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I am one who talks to God all day long about everything. I just dont like to make any decisions without talking with Jehovah (God) We know for sure all things are possible with God, I think prayer is our most powerful tool.

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences. The benefits of prayer and the ensuing miracles are always a source of inspiration and strength. At the first meeting with my surgeon after the dx he told me there was no way I was going to get away without a colostomy bag. We decided to do radiation first to minimize the amount of tissue he'd have to remove. After six weeks of radiation, the primary tumor was completely gone and I got away without the bag.

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Thank you for bringing this up, Doc.
I'm also one who talks to God all day long. I talk to Him in the car and people probably think I'm on the phone.....WRONG.
I love reading inspirational books.

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Prayer is a very powerful tool. It gives me comfort to know that there are people out there praying for me ....even people I have never met.


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Unfortunately we do not hear often enough that GOD loves us. There is nothing that can prevent HIS love. So when it seams our prayers are unanswered, it is only because we cannot see GOD's plan for us He will bless all of us!!!

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Amen Danker.

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Love your post thank you, Steve I can understand why he put a warning before hand because sometimes people have got offended over religious posts.

For myself think I would be lost without prayer and my relationship with the big G.


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thank you & everyone else for posting. i pray everyday for & about things & people. i always pray for everyone here on the board.

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When I was first sick I kept praying to God to cure me... finally when I was tired of being sick, I went to a doctor who sent me to a specialist and the rest is history. If God had cured my initial health problem, I would have never gone to the doctor, never been sent in for an emergency colonoscopy that I had to pay from out of pocket and never found out that I had a slow-growing tumor for the past eight years ... and by the time I would be allowed for a colonoscopy at 50, I would hv probably have died from the mets...so thank you God for not answering my prayers... and thank you for always being there whenever I needed you.

The Power of prayer is huge. I feel that each time someone prays for me, I get a little stronger.

Love and Hugs!

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I had the privilege of attending a restorative retreat in MI after my 10 months of treatment. I learned that cancer is the "little "
c" and Christ is the big "C".
My friends gave me beautiful prayer books and many blessings that helped me through treatment and continue to calm me and provide hope.
I pray for everyone on the boards and my support group friends.
I have met so many people with cancer or know of a family or friend who have had cancer that I believe God is watching over me and pointing me in the right direction to count my blessings even more.
Praying helps me with coping and getting by each day.
Cancer has made me a stronger believer.
Thank you for this post.

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