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thumbing my nose at the beast

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hah! not gonna knock me off so easily, you *******.

3 months after tx ended...PET scan still showed a hot spot in my throat.
two weeks after that...my jaw/neck swelled up and the trismus worsened (was barely able to open my mouth). my onc was out on a two-week vacation, but the ENT doc found necrotic tissue deep in my throat and scheduled a biopsy. due to the tricky location of the necrosis, she prepared me for waking up with a trach hole in my throat, and 5-7 days in the hospital.

hah! had the biopsy today and am home again with no trach hole, and feeling feisty. I overheard a nurse in recovery say, "he's talking Michigan Wolverine hockey with [nurse], sounds like he's feeling better."

I'm now 4 months out from tx, and haven't beat this thing yet. biopsy results will take a few days.
but I'll be damned if this is gonna get me down. attitude is everything. my faith in my docs and nurses is unrelenting. I shall prevail.

as we say in Asia, "namo amitabha" (homage to infinite light). blessings to all, and may you win your battles too.

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Where ever you gain your strength, do it. We both know about hot spots and I am thinking it is nothing serious until I hear different. The radiation can be cruel or wonderful and sometimes both at the same time.

Here’s praying and hoping things go your way.



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Pam M
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NED left me hanging for a while after treatment, too. The important thing is, he finally showed up. The waiting bites, though (but you KNOW that). Glad you came out of the biopsy swinging.

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Glad you are doing better and have such a strong attitude. Will be thinking only positive thoughts about the biopsy results.


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Like you are doing better, I am still deep in the fight, into week 4 of radiation. Second round of cisplatin this morning. Glad you are keeping it positive, as you and Matt have been a real strength to a lot of us....

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Love your positive attitude. I can't wait until the day you get your well deserved NED.

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Excellant attitude...we all need to keep it. Beat the beast back ! And I consider us all winners ! Keep us posted, and praying for an awsome outcome ! Katie

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Thankful no trach for you...had one in hospital and absolutely hated it, I considered myself fortunate not to come home with it. Praying for good results for you!

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Keep that attitude! It may be nothing to worry about, but I know that's easier said than done. If it happens to be, it's early enough to get back to work and finish the beast off for good!

You will be fine. Praying good thoughts for you.


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I pray that you will get your NED soon but as it is said: attitude is everything! Positive attitude really helps a body to heal and cure itself. It can beat this beast as well!
You're in my prayers!!

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You are one tough dude BSB and I came to that conclusion on your previous post, this post just confirms my impression of you. So continue with the great attitude and kicking the beast butt, still in Diane and my prayers.

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Posts: 341
Joined: Jul 2012

thanks, but I haven't faced half of what many here have.
Billie and her 7-year-old with PICC line get my vote for tough. a mother's love, there's toughness. and sometimes us Dads can dig up some fiber too, lol.

when I read what so many have been through, and back again...makes my fights easier.

so thanks my friends. as my son would say, you are warrior-poets.

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I love your attitude. I hope the biopsy results come back as nothing to worry about.


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I could only wish mine would be like yours. You go for it, Tiger...Sending positive thoughts, and prayers your way...


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"Hail to the chief" that is Red Berensen. I grew up watching him play for the Blues and even coach them. I also played two years of Midget AAA with his son Gordie before he moved onto U of M.

Man I sure miss the NHL, but make up for it watching my sons former Highschool team play.

Hockey and lacrosse, thank god there are still a couple of sports left for little white guys.


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I admire that BSB.....keep it up and keep us posted.


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