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Those in the path of mega storm Sandy - Please check in

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I hope that all have weathered this terrible storm well.

Here in north most Virginia we seem to have come through it without any serious issues. Power has stayed on, for which I am extremely glad.

If you were in the path, please take a minute and let us know how you are doing.

Hugs to all,

Marie who loves kitties

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from Maine. Didn't lose electricity though we had high winds and lotsa rain!


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Hi Marie,

All well here, wasn't all that bad in NH after all, thank goodness. I'm still glad that I bought a generator though since I'm sure that it will be used later this winter.

Take care,


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We are safe and sound in Northern Virginia...we had tons of rain and wind. Hopefully the kids can go back to school tomorrow.


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I'm so glad to hear that you are all safe. I saw some satellite photos of Sandy and couldn't believe how huge it was! My friend in Western NJ says that it passed her by with minimal damage but that Atlantic City is underwater. I just cannot imagine what the devastation must be like.

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Good bye Jersey Shore...
won't be seeing any Snookie for a while.... lol

I am fine.. but Jersey is a mess.. I have power and cable.. but over 80% of jersey is out.
Check out the News 12 New Jersey website to see the devistation...
We are under a state of emergency.
My town had indefinitley postponed Halloween.

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My parents are in VA and they are fine.

Cathleen Mary
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We had a bad storm with a fair amount of damage on the coast but fared far better than NY and NJ. I lost power but got it back tonight. My business trips to NY and NC have been postponed providing some unexpected but welcome down time. Prayers for all those suffering because of Hurricane Sandy.
Cathleen Mary

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Some wind and rain, but fortunately, we were spared the devastation. All fine here.


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We were very, very, lucky. No power loss, no flooding, and no damage to our home. After seeing all the devastation this mega-storm caused, we are counting our blessings.

Ellen & Pat

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