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Three years on

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This was post was inspired by another poster on here who has recently just come out of treatment. Touch wood (my head) I am in my third year of remission from stage 3 cc, 10/11 lymph nodes infected. There is life after cancer, although the little bugger doesn't ever leave your mind, you will slowly find you can start doing things.

The big C becomes like a relative, a part of you, you wont be able to escape, but you can in time just tell it to.... lol leave the blanks for you.

Some will know how much I have struggled, and still do, if it wasn't for this board and the friends/family I have made from it, I would be lost. Cancer took a lot from me, my way of life, the husband I married, my sanity. But it did not take me (for now lol).

It has changed me, hopefully trying to be a better person. Appreciate things around me, however small.

Anyway there are surviours out there, we possibly lurk (as I do, but do pop out, so i am never really away). We do listen and read what the new neds are doing, but you are not ALONE! hugs, we are around to help in anyway we can.

Ok hope Greta doesn't mind, there is a group on facebook that focuses on everything and not just cancer, sometimes some of us will be on there. So if you are a facebook junkie please join https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/124022667659344/

So what is going on with me, still have check ups, scans, blood tests etc, next cea is in December, so will see. I was a 9-5 girl before the cancer, but now I'm training to be a further education teacher, part time. I try and enjoy the company of my family/csn family, pets, friends etc. But sometimes three years on I do have my down days, but always try and work at how to handle them.

I may have lost a husband, as he could not cope with my ill health, but I have gained so much more in friendships.

Anyway rambled enough lol.

Hugs to all

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Thank you for posting your success. It is so meaningful, especially to those just starting this journey so they know things can be good.

Best wishes on your new career plan.

Hugs and prayers for all good results from tests coming up.

Marie who loves kitties

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It's been soo long ;-) Hehe thank you my sweet friend. I take each day as it comes, and that is what the new neds you should try and do.

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Say hi to everyone over in Farmville:)


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Farmville is so yesterday lol, are you ever going to join FB I wonder? ;-)

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I find your post so inspiring. I believe theres a reason why cancer didnt take you, although it did take a lot from you it seems. Im hoping I will get the 2 1/2 years clear in November. I am nervous though. It seems like there is something large in my abdomen area that is just not supposed to be there. You are so right when you say cancer doesnt ever leave your mind. It definately has the ability to drive a person crazy!!! Best of luck in your new career and in remaining cancer free and positive.

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Hugs that is so sweet of you to say. I really hope there is nothing untoward going on with you, really do. Bet your mind is racing more then usual, and you can not do much. Ahhh the joys of this retched disease. Hugs sending all that is positive your way.

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double post

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About time you checked in! You are a beautiful, special friend. You just keep marching forward. Who knows what special person you will find around that next corner?

Best of luck in your new chosen profession.



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Thank you for all your words of encouragement. Some days I am down ... Especially with the chemo... But many days I am trying to live a better life.


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I know cancer really sucks. Just know that your post really encourages people. We are here for you.

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so I'm glad you and Tommycat decided to share your stories with the board. It gives hope, which too often is in short supply at Camp Cancer. And i like your comparison of cancer to an unwelcome relative! Just wish we could boot cancer out the door as we sometimes can do with that crazy cousin no one really likes...Ann Alexandria

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for being a 3 year survivor. Thanks for posting.

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