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I had my first scan since finishing radiation and erbitux in July, my Onc went over the results and they came back NED. I was so happy that I actually was crying in the doc's office, the results were just too much. I look at this sight all the time for the great information and the inspiring people that respond, I am so happy to share the news with others. As a 34 year survivor of cancer it feels great to say I am cancer free!!! I pray for all the other survivors out there and hope to hear more positive results from everyone.


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We'll take all the good news anyone has to offer!! And let's face it, in this forum...NED is the best news of all. :)


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D Lewis
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Glad to hear this!


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So happy for you NED! It sure makes all that brutal treatment seem worth it huh? Enjoy this time and don't forget to celebrate just a little bit.

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Hi Randy,

That is wonderful news. I am part of the radiation and Erbitux clan of the H&N club. I hear you on the tears, life is different now.

Keep healing,


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Pam M
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Wonderful to hear! Thanks for spreading the happy.

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Yes! We all need good news. Always glad to hear when a fellow traveler on these roads reaches a safe haven. Rick.

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Tears of joy for all that are in and have reached that hard fought fight for NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE ! For you Randy and all others JOB WELL DONE ! Katie

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Tonsil Dad
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Best three letters in the alphabet......NED!
I hope all your scans are the same.

God bless,
Tonsil dad,


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Thanks for posting the great news!! I just started treatments and you have provided hope for me today :)

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To have battled the beast at 11 years old must have been overwhelming. To have beat it a second time all the more reason to cry. Enjoy the blessing of NED!

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Thanks for posting the good news!

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Congratulations on your news. That's awesome.

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Awesome news!!! So stoked about your 34 years, WOW!!! THank YOU for encouraging US:))) Happy Happy Dance!

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Congrats on your great news!


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sorry so late on the well wishes .....I just seem to be so busy lately...trying hard to keep up with my CSN family....

Keep coming back and sharing your experiences!!


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And by the way VIKEMAN, are you a MN Vikings fan? SKOL!

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