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Stage 2A

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Has anyone been diagnosd with stage 2A cancer and what did they tell you. Yhey started me on chemo to shrink the tumor then surgery then I guess radiation. Just curious about it.

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staged the same as you. 3cm tumor but no chemo...before or after. I had a lumpectomy with re excision and 38 rounds of radiation. Arimidex for 5 years. How did the doctor stage the tumor already? Not sure, but I thought a biopsy is needed to stage cancer.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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I did have a biopsy. I do not know the size but it feels like an egg. They said after the chemo to shrink it then surgery (total breast removal) then radiation. The chemo has kicked my butt and going 16 treatments. Thanks for your answer.

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I was diagnosed Sept. 2009 at age 76 with Stage IIB, HER Pos, ER/PR neg. 2 lymph nodes involved. 2 lumps - 3.5cm, one .9 cm, both in left breast. The treatment protocol was - 6 months chemo, then mastectomy and lymph node removal, followed by radiation. Chemo was unavoidable because of the lymph node involvement. Half way through chemo a mammogram and ultrasound could not find either lumps, chemo shrunk them to practically invisibility. At that stage doctor decided a lumpectomy could be performed. Frankly, I did not believe the oncologist, thought he is just telling me this to keep me going through another 3 months of chemo! I had to give the surgeon permission, though, he could perform a mastectomy, if necessary. I had a lumpectomy May 2010 (actually more like a partial mastectomy) and 18 lymph nodes removed. No cancer was found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I was HER Pos. I had to complete 1 year of Herceptin. As my old radiologist said - sofar-i, so goody-i.
All the best to you

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I was stage 2A but this was after surgery. They thought I was stage 1 based on MRI. Doctors really know the stage after surgery.

Although I had no nodes involved, I opted for the chemo, lumpectomy and radiation. Taking tamoxifen now (one year on it).

Keep us posted about your recovery...

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