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Island Time...

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Island Time ~ St. George Island...

Island Time ~SGI

Fresh raw Appalachicola Oysters, Smoked Mullet, crackers, hot sauce and a few cold beers ,,,

Best Happy Halloween Survivors,

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and I hope it is warm....how long will you be there? I might have to get myself a ticket...it's brrrrrrr up here!!


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Hi John,

I am on find your coat and rain gear time. Most likely, I will not venture outside without shoes for the next 7 months.

Do you chew or swallow them there raw oyster’s whole? I guess that could be an indicator of repaired throat and swallower for a H&N survivor.

I am with Phrannie and like the warm weather. Well here’s to warm thoughts

Enjoy, enjoy,


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I'm wishing I were there. While it has been warm here in southern California it's not been as relaxing as your trip sounds.
Enjoy yourselves and think of us when you crack open that next beer.....cheers!

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We have been to SGI many times with friends, and have rented a beach house ourselves on Cape San Blas, about 45 minutes from the SGI causeway bridge. If you have time, drive over to San Blas and go into St. Joe Peninsula State Park for a hike. If you get there early enough in the morning, you have a good chance of seeing some deer. On the way out of the park, stop at Coneheads for some great ice cream and/or cold beer (always a tough choice!).


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Of course you chew them Matt, LOL...plopped on a crispy saltine, a splash of hot sauce mixed with a tad of horseraddish...followed by a swig of your favorite cold beer, if you partake...

Mike, I haven't been to that side before, I do know it's nice over there as well...


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Oh how a beach vacation would be so wonderful. I am glad you are able to enjoy life after all you have been through.

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Hello John !
It's so good to hear the vacation is turning out to be great ! You and your honey enjoy every minute of it. How many yrs (anniversary wise) has it been ? Be safe but have the time of your lives ! Katie

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I wish I could travel these days so ENJOY and play with the mutts.


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Says it all. Enjoy!

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