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Avastin on CBC this Morning

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Hi: Did anyone happen to catch the program on Avastin (and other expensive drugs) on CBC's White Coats Black Arts this morning? Some provinces in Canada cover Avastin (British Columbia for one) but most don't because it is so expensive - $10,000/month they said. I know it isn't covered for me here in Ontario. Anyone out there faced with the choice of added days or bankruptcy? Emails to the program could be useful.

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no darn I missed it.....i really like that show but this morning I had yoga....

I did not know that we were not covered here in Ontario....yikes Cheryl.....

that is one honkin bunch of money......10,000////

mags...maybe I'll go see if I can get a rerun on internet

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My husband and I live in Ontario. He has stage four colon cancer and is treated at The Ottawa Hospital. He is currently on Folfiri with Avastin. He was on the same cocktail (including Avastin) from Sept 2011 - Feb 2012. For him, the Avastin is covered by OHIP. A lot of the people he talks to while getting chemo (who have colon cancer) are also getting Avastin. We have never heard anything about it not being covered.


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but I know that Avastin is covered in BC only when it is considered first protocol. Despite the latest studies that show it works well as a second protocol too, it's not covered. So if the first protocol ie Folfox fails then BC Cancer considers Avastin to have failed as well.

Patients who want avastin that is not included within the BC box of prescribed protocols have to pay.

It has gotten better though. When I first started my "chemo for life plan", the allotment of avastin per patient was 16 treatments only. My onc sent me to another onc who had pull within the system and I continued with my avastin. I think they changed that rule in 2010 and it's no more.

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Cheryl I didn't catch the show, wish I had.....my onc. has put forth the paperwork for me to get Avastin, the coverage is up to Cancer Care Ontario. It's supposed to be covered for colon cancer when your on folfiri and I think Folfox ....one reason I went back on Folfiri it's the only way for Avastin to be covered. Still waiting for approval and I have had two folfiri infusions so far....the oncologist pharmacist met me yesterday morning, she had checked with them to make sure they got all the documents and they've got it all, she was hoping I'd have it this week, but not approved yet....still waiting...maybe in the next infusion two weeks from now. Maglets I googled it, CBC but I can't view or listen to it although it looks like you are supposed to able to......

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