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Symptoms to watch for between scans?

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Hi gang, sorry to just drop by when I have a question.

I have been enjoying the last 5 months being in the 98% (as icemantoo says) who will not have any more issues after my RCC partial nephrectomy.

I had my surgery in May 2012 and my first CT scan is scheduled for December. I had the MAG3 scan a couple weeks ago and my smaller kidney is doing 43% of the work, which I take to be quite good.

My question is this. What conditions would cause you to contact your doctor and ask to get in earlier? Nobody really told me what I should watch out for in terms of symptoms that I may have ongoing issues.

I have been having some pretty intense hip pain for about 4 days that I have not experienced before. I don't want to panic, but don't know if I should see my primary care physician first assuming it is a new unrelated condition, or contact the urologist who ordered my CT scan for December and ask if I should come in earlier.

The pain is a little better today, but I don't want to ignore something it because I think earlier is better in these cases.

Any resources out there about what to be concerned about when you are in my position?

I truly have gone on with my life the last few months and have not had ongoing anxiety over the possibilities, but feel like I need some more information.

Thanks for your replies.

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Don't ignore what your body is telling you. Primary care physician first (hence designation as "primary") and referral if necessary, if you're confident in your doc. Second opinion if dubious about your doc and if really dissatisfied, change doc.

However, don't obsess with looking for symptoms and blow your recovery off course unnecessarily. There's a difference between paying attention and going looking for troubles. Intense pain is certainly an issue to do something about. Your GP and/or surgeon can advise on possible significant symptoms specific to your individual case.

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The object of scans is to highlight concerns before syptoms appear. That being said if you have concerns about your health which probably are not related to RCC bring them to the attention of your doctor.


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