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Elevated CA 125 even after Hysterectomy

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Hi, my mom had Stage II Ovarian cancer last Sept 2007, she had hysterectomy and chemotheraphy. had all normal blood tests including CA 125. After 4 years of being cancer free, the cancer recur and had a CA 125 value of 90. Her oncologist suggested chemotheraphy, my mom lovingly embraced the treatment as she wants to extend her life.
And now after being cancer free for two years now, her CA 125 elevated again to 175. She had not had her ct scan yet but we are hoping that this is not cancer anymore. She complains of aching knee joints and muscles, i just hoped that it is not bone cancer this time. I am writing this because i want to know if there really some instances that an elevated CA 125 value does not mean cancer??
i wanted to ensure this as my mom does not want to have chemotheraphy once again for the third time as she's older now and more prone to sickness, she's 62 btw.


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It's my understanding that an elevated CA 125 does not necessarily mean cancer. The elevated number could be caused by something else, like a non-serious inflammation going on somewhere in her body. I'm hoping and praying that your mom isn't experiencing another recurrence of cancer.

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Hello - I am in the same position - I just learned that my CA 125 is elevated to 55 and had been stable and normal for several months. I also just found out in the same bloodtest that my thyroid is off again and i am hypothyroid - so I am wondering if there is a link between inflammation and CA 125 elevation.

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