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Pets in the path, too

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I saw a comment on yahoo.com under the big storm article. Someone mentioned to not forget the pets. I know people are important, but so are pets. I wonder if there are places willing to take pets for safe keeping? And help to get them there?
I am a big animal and bird lover, fish not so much...I worry about the animals abandoned by their owners.... It breaks my heart.

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The shelters are accepting pets as well as people in CT. They need to have their rabies tag and they are being put in crates. No excuse to leave pets. I agree that our pets are important too!


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family with their pets - safety.

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Often many only think of small animals (dog/cats/birds/fish/hampsters/etc.) as pets that we need to evacuate with us but there are many who have large 'pets' (horses are the first to come to mind but others have others that are just as beloved as anyone's house pet) that also have to be evacuated.

Growing up primarily in SW FL I went through quite a few hurricanes but was always lucky enough to have my own trailer and friends far enough inland with large acreage (640 acres or larger) that I could take my horses to and turn loose to ride out the storm naturally. Not to forget the commercial barns/ranchers/farmers who have large numbers to move that would be almost impossible to get all out IF room could be found for all. In more recent years, I've been more involved in helping to trailer horses out ahead of fires (Thankfully for me - mine have not been threatened) - some were friends some just people I didn't know that friends called about who needed help.

Don't forget what this is doing to wildlife either. The shoreline habitat is destroyed, the inland flooding is doing as much damage and destroying the forage that is so needed to get through the winter.



Lynn Smith
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My husband and I just talked about this last night.I told him they had a semi going to that area to get animals.I told him that is the first thing we get.Our dogs and cats.I've been through a house fire.The gas smell was so bad I left but opened the doors for the pets to run out. My cats and guinea pigs didn't make it out. My heart has never been the same.It's been a long time ago but I had to get out.I left the doors opened.One cat was laying near the door and probably thought he was safer.The old cat of ours was never found but my husband said he THINKS she was hiding in a closet.He thought he saw her but wasn't sure.I never went in the house after the fire.Damage was so bad.But after years I still wonder about my elderly cat(if she made it or not)I would never wanted her to be alone and not found so the peace for me is THINKING she was in the closet like my husband said.

I hope all animals are saved.This brings tears to my eyes and the trauma you live forever when your pets are taken like this.If there is time "get your pets".If there is a stray around I would take it too.I love animals.

Lynn Smith

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Shelters and even animal hospitals have been offering shelter for pets. I hope they are all safe.

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