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Thank you to those who shared your thoughts with me - my talk from today's service posted on my expressions page

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Hello, all -

Thank you so much to all of you who responded to my post last week sharing your thoughts about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink ribbon mania.

Our "Surviving October" worship service was this morning, and was an inspiring and emotional service for our congregation. I've posted the text of my talk on my expressions page, along with a couple of photos of our "Tree of Life," decorated with lavender ribbons (representing all cancers) during the service by members of the congregation to honor loved ones or themselves.

You'll see that y'all gave me some great input for my talk, and I tried to do justice to your anger and frustration. I felt honored to share a little bit of your experience with our congregation.


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Thank you for sharing your talk with us and for even thinking of asking for our opinions.

It would be wonderful if we could make it lavender ribbons all year long, so that one day there could be a cure for all.

In the mean time, if one feels that they need something more specific to suppot, let it be the childhood cancers. After all the children are our future.

Again, thanks and a big hug.

Marie who loves kitties

Cathleen Mary
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Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talk. As someone living with colon cancer, who has dear friends with breast cancer, and has lost loved ones to many cancers, I very much appreciate your efforts to broaden the lens. You did a wonderful job and gave a great talk that will hopefully begin a conversation that is inclusive. We are not competitors; we are companions on this journey.

Cathleen Mary

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Traci, the tree is so lovely and your speech was too. Thank you!


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Thank you so much for your passion for speaking out on all cancers. You truly gave a shout out on not only your cancer but colorectal. Never knew that lavendar was the color for all cancers - that is one of my favorite colors. God Bless you for your efforts :)


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Well done. Thank you for opening their eyes to the other cancers out there. I think you did an admirable job!

(I still want the t-shirt that was discussed!)

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That t-shirt was, of course, Doc_Hawk's idea -- I heard chuckles and "yeah"s all through the congregation when I told them about that!

Doc_Hawk, if you're looking to make some money with this idea, I think Alice and I would gladly be your first customers!


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