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Hurricane Sandy - may all be safe

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This massive storm is forecast to bring very strong winds, torrents of rain and considerable flooding to a good portion of the US east of the Mississippi.

I hope that all who are in the potential field of this storm have made their preparations for power outages.

Special prayers and thoughts for all at this time of uncertain weather ramifications.

Marie who loves kitties

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We live in Southern New Jersey and it just started to rain a few minutes ago. Possibly 12 plus inches of rain, high winds, and power outages are expected. Our local markets look like they have been ransacked. To anyone that may be effected by this storm, please be safe and take care!

Ellen & Pat

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.. my friends over there in America. May you all be safe.
Fortunately we don't get such horrible storms here in Europe.
Take care!

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Just got off the phone with my girlfriend in FL and she said last night the storm moved in and took away all their dunes (they live on the ocean) and only have about 15 feet before their house caves into the sea. They are just devestated. May God be with all of you during this storm.


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Oh yes, I've been preparing for days and crossing my fingers that the winds don't bring the pines trees down on our roof. And we're having a generator installed tomorrow morning since we've been told to prepare for several days without power. Oh, the joy...

So, to everyone in the path of this storm, please stay safe!

Take care,


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School is already cancelled for tomorrow. This is somewhat unbelievable - a year later a rerun of last year when we were without power for 8 days (with a six week old baby!) and no school for a week. Hoping this is not as bad...

Hope everyone stays safe!

Cathleen Mary
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Looks ominous outside but Sandy not really expected here til tomorrow. I had east coast travel scheduled for work...cancelled...but now on Skype as long as power holds. Why we can't just give in and let Mother Nature slow us down is beyond me. I hope everyone stays safe and doesn't need to venture to doctor appts or tests.

Be safe
Cathleen Mary

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I'll be sending out warm thoughts and prayers for all who are suddenly faced with two monsters. I know that even with generators to provide power, the internet may still be down for many and I'm sure those of us who are in safe areas will be anxious to hear news from you all.

God Bless to all, stay safe and stay dry!


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Hi: I live in southwestern Ontario (between Toronto and Detroit) and we're being affected by Sandy too. We have had continuous rain from another (non-hurricane) system and now Sandy is added to that. Winds up to 90 km per hour are expected and lots more rain. It's cold too! Better go stock up on water!

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it is 4 degrees here in Ontario.....the Niagara Escarpment is in my backyard...trees have been falling out there this afternoon .....I think the winds really aren't even started for us but man is it howling....

going to fill up the tub with water.....


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Sending you my best vibes from this side of the Pond!.

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