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I am scared ,

debbie steadham
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Hello everyone,i am seeing a new doctor and i had to have ct scan last week he saw something between my liver and kidney ,now i go for pet scan nov.1 .I am already nevous about the spot but i find out the pet scan is a mobile like a trailor,i am clautrophobic ,has anyone ever had a mobile scan.so tired and scared ..Debbie

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prior to my pet scan for the same reason. I was even given meds in case I freaked out. I discussed my fear with the tech and he said he could leave the lights on in the room if I wanted. Once I saw the tube I was relieved. Although it is deeper than the cat scan donut, I could see through to the other side which aleviated my fear. It turned out okay and I didn't need the meds.

I hope this helps you. I was so scared and I wish my doctor or the NP I saw would have just told me this so I wouldn't have been stressing leading up to the test.

I'll be sending good thoughts your way, Debbie, and I know you will do just fine.


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I had a PET scan in a semi-trailer. I don't know how claustrophobic you are, but the trailer is roomy inside and the one I was in had multiple rooms. If you wouldn't be uncomfortable in a motor home, this won't bother you. The unit itself, is a tube, but your head is stiking out of the one end for almost all of the procedure. For the last bit, you eyes and nose are in it, but you can easily see outside of it. If the fear is too much, Ativan or sedation are an option. Hope the results are good.

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